Hello Again, Cuties..

You’re probably all wondering what the flippin’ heck is going on. Why do I have two blogs? Allow me to explain…

I’m rebranding!

I’m starting all over again and creating a whole new blog. You probably want to know why…

It’s all because of BlueHost. Really, I would like to thank them but I’m not going to give them the honour. They basically wanted $600 for me to continue blogging with them so I figured that this would be the perfect opportunity to start all over again.

I haven’t been happy with my blog for a while now so this is actually a great opportunity. I can start again and create content that I actually want to produce.

This URL is more important to me than just being my name too. It was my childhood tumblr username as well as it being a nickname from someone who was special to me.

So, that’s all I have to say right now but expect content a lot more on here. My old blog will be up and running for a little longer but I’ll still be writing on here a lot!

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