I have been snail mailing for five years on and off and I still love it. There’s nothing more special than receiving a handwritten letter in the post.

Whenever I tell people about my love of penpals, one of the things that they always seem to ask is how I find my penpals. Since finding a penpal seems to be the question that most people have, I figured that it only makes sense to write a post to explain the best two ways to find a penpal and star snail mailing.

So you want to get into snail mail? By how?

Finding a Penpal can be difficult at first but it’s a lot easier when you know where to look.

There’s two options that I have found to be the most beneficial when looking for new penpals. I’m sure that there are many other ways too but I wanted to share my two favourite ways with you so that you can find penpals easily without having to go through dodgy websites or people being rude.


I’m pretty sure that everyone has an Instagram account at this point. Heck, even people’s pets have Instagram accounts. Since most people are on Instagram, you have a large selection of people to choose from for becoming your new penpal.

The most basic way to find a penpal through Instagram would be simply searching through the #PenpalsWanted hashtag. That’s where you’ll find a whole bunch of people from all over the world who are looking for penpals. Read people’s post captions, bios and chat to them a bit. You might find your perfect penpal match that way.

You could also ask on your Instagram Stories if anyone wishes to be your penpal. This way, your followers might respond to your story and ask if they can be your penpal. This is a nice way to build a closer friendship with your followers too.

While you’re on Instagram looking for a penpal, it is always fun to look at other people’s outgoing and incoming snail mail too. You can search hashtags such as #penpalcommunity, #penpalideas or #snailmailideas. People send the most beautiful letters and they can help you to feel inspired when creating your own letters.


InterPals is a great website for making new friends all around the world. It’s a free website that works a little like any social media. You can create your own profile, tell people a little bit about yourself and chat to people who seem interesting.

One of the main reasons that InterPals is one of my favourite ways to find a penpal is because of the ability to search for people by what they are on the website for. Some people are looking for friendship, some a relationship and some people are looking for a penpal. I love that I can just look for people all over the world who are looking for penpals through this.

The one problem with InterPals is that you will most likely find a few creeps in your messages. You have control over who can message you when it comes to age, location and interest, but sometimes the odd weird person will find there way in. A simple block will have that fixed in no time though.

If you do use InterPals, then feel free to be my friend on there. Add me there and we can chat all things penpaling.

I hope that this post can help you to find a penpal. If you’re still struggling then feel free to contact me as I’m always looking for new penpals.

Happy snail mailing.


2 responses to “Two Of The Best Ways To Find A Penpal”

  1. LindaLibraLoca Avatar

    The last time I have been snail mailing with a pen pal I was 14, so it was over 25 years ago. And as much as I love to receive a handwritten letter, I don’t think I would be a good pen pal, I can’t even remember to send out my Christmas Cards on time.

    Anne – Linda, Libra, Loca


  2. Sarah @ Raiin Monkey Avatar

    Awesome post 🙂 When I first started snailmailing, I used to use a website called Penpal Net but I’m not sure it exists anymore. It had profiles on there and allowed people to email you if they wanted to be penpals. I’m still writing to penpals I met through there when I was around 14 years old. Nowadays, Instagram is definitely my preferred place to find penpals and postcard swap partners. Even though I suck at keeping up with letters as an adult XD – Sarah x


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