How To Live Like A Real Princess

Unfortunately, I was not born into a royal family or a Disney film so sadly, I’m not a princess. It’s very true though that there’s a a few rituals that you can do to make your life a little more princessy.

If I can spend a few extra moments in my life acting like a princess then I will do.

1. Feed animals. You could put a little amount of food out for the birds or any night time visitors like hedgehogs or badgers. Unlike in Disney films, we can’t sing to the animals to summon them and we can’t have them clean our homes but we can make their lives a little better. You could put a bird bath in your back garden or you could build a hog home for a hedgehog.

2. Donate to charities. Princesses like to give back to the world. It’s a nice idea to donate just £1, £2 or more if you can afford it a month to a charity of your choice. I donate to WWF by sponsoring an elephant which I think works out about £3 a month.

3. Smell lovely. Have a long soak in the bath and use your favourite bubble bath. After you’re all relaxed and clean, cover yourself in your favourite body butter. My favourite is a cherry and macadamia one from Superdrug but really you can get cheap body butters anywhere.

4. Only buy what you need or really want. Set yourself a little budget and try not to overspend. You don’t want to be surrounded by clutter or anything that doesn’t bring you joy.

5. Creat a safe and happy space. You could use a vanity, a corner of your bedroom or a spot on the sofa. Make it cute, make it comfy and make it your dreams come true.

6. Wear your favourite outfit. I like to opt for a pretty, pink dress but really you can wear anything that makes you feel beautiful. Even if you don’t feel like getting dressed, put on your favourite pair of pyjamas. They should make you feel all warm and happy just like any Princess would feel.

What do you like to do to feel like a real life princess?

9 thoughts on “How To Live Like A Real Princess

  1. Such a cute post! I think we can all benefit from feeling like a princess from time to time and self care is such a great way to do that. There’s nothing better than having a clean space, and I love feeling confident in an outfit. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Oh this is so charming! What a lovely read! I too like to feel a little more “princess” sometimes. I love to wear a pretty dress, and in the summer I like to add flowers to my hair for an extra Princess boost too! Such a lovely list of ways to make us all feel wonderful ❤


  3. Great read! I think we all need to take time to make ourselves feel like a princess from time to time – whether it’s rocking our favourite outfit or spoiling ourselves with a little additional self-care. Personally, dying my hair always does it for me – there’s something about that freshly dyed hair feeling that always brings a smile to my face.
    Britt |


  4. I love these essential tips for feeling a little more like a princess. I especially love the tip on feeding and looking after the animals.

    Cute post!

    Jess xx ||


  5. Such a great post! These ideas are really fun and I like the variety, not just about doing something good for yourself, but for others too, being mindful of the world around us, our space, etc. 💕


  6. Such a wonderful post! Whenever I put bird seed out in my garden and then watch the birds arrive through a window afterwards, I always think of Snow White! Ooo cherry & macadamia sounds so good, I’m gonna have a look for that next time I’m in Superdrug!

    My name means Princess, so I’m one step towards being an actual Princess, right!? haha 😀 To feel more like a princess, I like to surround myself with pretty, sparkly things like glitter globes and precious stones :3

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey


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