National Compliment Day

As I was scrolling through Twitter this morning, I noticed that it was national compliment day. So I thought that I would write a little post all about compliments.

What is National Compliment Day?

National Compliment Day is an unofficial holiday which falls annually on January 24th. The purpose of this holiday is to say something nice to your friends, family, and co-workers. After all, giving out compliments not only makes the receiver happy but studies have shown that giving out compliments also has a beneficial effect on the person giving out the compliment. So not only do you make someone else’s day a little better, you can also improve your own day!

Two Reasons Compliments Are Important

The main reasons that compliments are important is because they create a positive environment. Giving out compliments benefits everyone. If you compliment someone, they will smile. Smiles are spread from person to person until a whole bunch of people are smiling. Therefore, it creates a positive environment.

Compliments are also important because they motivate people. If you compliment someone on something that they are doing, they are more than likely going to work even harder at that thing. It motivates them never to give up.

What Do I Compliment Someone On?

It really doesn’t need to be a huge gesture. You can simply say ‘nice work’ to someone you’re working with or ‘cute dress’ to a person who looks beautiful. You can make a compliment more personal by saying something such as ‘I love your big, blue eyes’ or ‘you are my favourite person’.

You can make complimenting someone as simple or as complicated as you wish to!

National Compliment Day is the perfect holiday to show those people around you that you appreciate and love them. It’s also a great day to break away from negative attitudes and work towards creating a more positive working environment. After all, compliments are powerful tools that can transform human relationships, so why not use them?

3 thoughts on “National Compliment Day

  1. Compliments are extremely important. Even though I have no clue how to receive them, thanks to the Finnish mentality I was raised on haha. Such amazing to hear that you guys have a day like this, it’s so beautiful.

    ✖ Jasmin


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