I’ve wanted to collaborate with another blogger for the longest time. I had just never gotten around to it. But today is the day, the day that I’m collaborating with a fellow blogger. 

Today’s post is a collaboration with the very lovely Shannon from The Mum Who Read, so don’t forget to check out her blog too!

We were tossing some ideas back and forth until we eventually decided to write about books and Valentine’s Day. We both love books and romance so it’s the perfect topic.

So, if you’re looking for some romantic, love stories to read, keep on reading..! 

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

If you haven’t read this book yet then I just do not know what you’re doing with yourself. 

Everything, Everything follows the story of a girl with a disease which means that she can not leave the house without getting ill. When a cute boy moves in next door, she falls in love and it follows their story.

This was a super cute love story with amazing illustrations that made it easy to read. I also thought this book did a fantastic job at balancing the lightheartedness with the more serious stuff.

Noughts And Crosses by Malorie Blackman

Ah, one of my all time favourite books by one of my all time favourite authors.

This book is all about racism and discrimination. Sephy is a cross and Callum is a nought. Noughts and crosses just don’t mix. But can Callum and Sephy find a way to be together?

This book was very hyped when I first read it and now I completely understand why!

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

This book is my favourite by Rainbow Rowell even though I love all of her work. Maybe I’m slightly bias as I share a first name with the main character but ya know.?!

Eleanor & Park follows two characters who have completely different backgrounds. Eleanor is the new girl in town and Park is a quiet, cool kid (in Eleanor’s eyes anyway). Over time, they begin to fall in love.

The book has very mixed reviews but for me, it’s perfect. I loved the characters and I loved their little love story.

What books do you plan on reading this Valentine’s Day?

8 responses to “Valentine’s Day Books ♡ A Collaboration With The Mum Who Read”

  1. themumwhoread Avatar

    Eleanor, this is great. I love these recommendations and it will be something different for me to read.


  2. writingthebluesaway Avatar

    I love Noughts and Crosses, and Eleanor and Park! Definitely want to give Everything, Everything a go too. I also really like Fangirl so I’d have to recommend that as a Valentine’s read!


  3. Tasha Louise Avatar

    I loved Noughts and Crosses, I read it when I was younger and have been meaning to reach read it for years! Everything, Everything sounds really good too!


  4. Lindsey Avatar

    Oh my gosh, I’m being hit with all the nostalgic feels over Noughts and Crosses – I used to love that book! I really want to read Eleanor and Park, it’s been on my list for ages, I’m definitely going to have to grab a copy soon. This was good fun to read – thanks!


  5. foundationsandfairytales Avatar

    Great post! I loved Eleanor and Park and Everything, Everything! I’ve always wanted to read Noughts and Crosses but never gotten round to it. For a good romance novel I don’t think you can beat Nicholas Sparks books although they can sometimes be a bit predictable the love stories are beautiful!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com


  6. relaxlavender Avatar

    I’m always looking for another book to read and these sounds like ones I could get into. Like the sound of Everything Everything so think I’ll pop that on my list first! Thanks xx


  7. thebakingbackpacker Avatar

    Everything, Everything sounds like a great story – love a good romance!


  8. Jeremy Starke Avatar

    Love the look of your site. Great photos too.


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