I would never really call myself an impulsive person but I had an idea and I rolled with it.

I got the idea in my mind that I needed to buy a guitar. I’m not very musically inclined and have no intention of joining a band, but the idea came to me and it wouldn’t leave. So I did it, I went out and I bought an electric guitar.

Maybe it was my inner compulsive spender or maybe I have some secret fantasy about joining a rock band, either way, I headed out and bought a guitar which is super exciting.

I’ll be honest, I know nothing about guitars but I knew that I wanted one. So, I headed to a shop in Chester called Dawson’s and had a look around. Towards the back of the shop, they had a whole bunch of guitars in every colour and style you could imagine.

I didn’t really know what any of the different brands or styles were but I noticed a bright yellow guitar sitting in the corner and it drew me in. Yellow is such a happy colour so why not go for it?

So, it was settled, I bought a bright yellow guitar with no idea about the brand, style or technique needed and I headed home.

I’m pretty excited to start playing my guitar and testing out different music genres.

Setting Goals

Recently, I found a new lease of life. I was stuck in a rut for a long time but now I’m slowly regaining my motivation. Weirdly, I’m putting this dow to buying a guitar. Odd, I know. But whenever something changes in my life or I buy something new, I always feel like a new person with new motivation.

I haven’t felt excited for life for quite some time now but since I finally feel good, I figured that I would set some goals for myself.

My goals:

  1. Learn to play the guitar. It doesn’t have to be perfect but I would at least like to sound decent.
  2. Hit my goal weight of 10 stone by the end of the year. I haven’t given myself much time to lose 5 stone but I think I can do it if I really try.
  3. Stop buying pointless stuff hahahahaha like that will happen….

What goals have you set for yourself recently?

So, now you’re all caught up with my life. What’s been happening in your life recently?

3 responses to “Mini Life Update ♡ Setting Goals and Impulsively Buying A Guitar”

  1. ashleigh davis Avatar

    Oh wow! That guitar is a beauty… I never in a million years would have thought yellow would suit a guitar but I actually love it. I’ll be honest, I tried learning guitar a few years ago and just couldn’t get my head around it BUT I wish you the best of luck! Im sure you’ll pick it up a lot better than me hehe.

    Ashleigh x



  2. Nikki Avatar

    That’s an awesome Les Paul! My fiance is learning the bass guitar and has just had his third! Its an awesome looking Ibanez. Wishing you luck!


  3. jamiewahls1 Avatar

    That is a beautiful. : )


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