If you follow me on Twitter then you will know that I took a huge step in my life and went from being a meat-eater to a vegan.

A lot of people start their vegan journey by going vegetarian and then going vegan but Simon and I decided to throw ourselves in at the deep end and go full vegan straight away.

The Why?!

You probably want to know why I decided to go vegan. I have a few answers to this to be honest.

  1. the animals.
  2. the health benefits.
  3. more ethical.
  4. save the planet, one person at a time.

The How?!

To start with, Simon and I needed to swap our milk. We drank a lot of milk so soya milk was something that we needed to get used to. I adapted to it rather quickly but Simon seemed to struggle. I actually enjoy the taste of soya milk now and think it’s rather tasty.

Simon ate a lot of eggs in the part so he needed to cut them out too which meant finding a new breakfast for him. We did this by finding a vegan cereal such as Shreddies.

Next, we removed all the meat from the home and replaced it with mock meat. We bought a lot of vegan Quorn and foods that looked like chicken but wasn’t. We noticed that Linda McCarthy burgers are absolutely disgusting so we won’t be buying those again. They actually taste like mud.

The final step was doing a fully vegan food shop. We bought a bunch of vegan products and honestly, I liked the majority of them. At first, we found it difficult to find products that were suitable for vegans which meant that we were in Tesco for a looooong time but I actually found it pretty fun.

The Results?!

Well… it hasn’t been very long but I will keep writing vegan updates and let you know how it goes.

So far, I don’t feel any different but I know that I’m making a positive change so I will keep on going!

5 responses to “Will Going Vegan Work For Me?!”

  1. seedsinthewasteland Avatar

    Good luck! Take it slowly and don’t worry if you make mistakes – after three years I still make mistakes sometimes!


  2. Nora Di Leo Avatar

    I tried veganism in the past, but I wasn’t so successful. I’m glad you’re doing it, best of luck x


  3. sullialice Avatar

    Good luck! I am a pescetarian, but try to eat vegan for a few days in the week. I really enjoy vegan food and try to eat it as much as possible.


  4. jessierenea Avatar

    My Husband and I just had a conversation about this lastnight because he’s thinking about going vegan! I told him that’s gonna be HARD because we such huge meat lovers lol great post! Happy Saturday!


  5. Nikki Avatar

    Good luck with your journey. Trying vegan foods has been something that I’ve been thinking about trying to be honest. I detest the Quorn mince; we tried it but really didn’t like it, however both my fiance and I love the Quorn nuggets. We use them to make a healthier version of sweet and sour chicken.


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