Two Small YouTubers You Should Be Watching

Small YouTubers are struggling these days. With all these bigger YouTubers going around scoring millions of subscribers, people just aren’t bothered by the little guys.

That is why, today I’m going to be sharing two of my favourite small YouTubers so you can check them out and show a little extra love to them.

I feel like both of these YouTubers put a lot of work and effort into their channels so it could be great if you could go on over to their channels to spread the love and positivity.

Anyway, onto the channels…

Simon Parker

I’m sure that you all know Simon by now but you might not have known that he has a channel.

Simon has been slacking recently but I’m trying to encourage him to upload again so go and show him some love so he feels more confident entering the YouTube world again.

Terry Mae

I was searching for more YouTubers to watch when I came across Terry Mae.

Terry Mae’s channel is super cute and her thumbnails are adorable. It looks like she puts so much effort into her videos and she deserves so many more subscribers.

Which small youtubers have you been watching recently?

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