Happy Birthday, Simon!

So, if you didn’t already know, today is Simon’s birthday. We will be celebrating it by taking a trip to Chester Zoo and eating lots of cake!

For Simon’s birthday, we are getting annual passes for Disneyland Paris but we aren’t getting them for a few more months. I also got him a Wild At Heart DVD boxset as that’s what he wanted.

On top of the presents, bakerdays were lovely enough to send us a letterbox cake. I got to choose the design that I wanted and what flavour we received. I chose the design and flavour as a surprise for Simon.

So the process of choosing a cake is easy but the choices are endless so you’ll have to spend a while having a think. They have plenty of options available!

I chose a Pokemon themed cake as Simon loves Pokemon, he even have a Pokemon tattoo.

The cake arrived on time and we rushed to open it. The colours on the cake were super vibrant and beautiful and the cake was a perfect consistency.

It was also the perfect size for two people to enjoy together. Although, I probably could have eaten one all to myself it was that good!

If you’re looking for a birthday surprise for someone you love or maybe you want to treat yourself, then check out bakerdays! You can find them through their website, Twitter or Instagram.

Find out more about their cake delivery and their range of cakes for kids. You won’t be disappointed!

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