Letter To My Future Self

Dear Future Self, 

Please take a moment to step outside or go somewhere quiet. Take in everything around you. Take in the smells, the sights and anything you can hear. I’m not too sure what you’re up to right now as I’m writing this from the past but right now, I am in the middle of a lot of stress. It’s like stress city here. But you know what helps? Just taking a moment to breathe, which is why I told you to do just that at the very start of this letter.

I wonder how things are for you now. At time time of writing this, I am unemployed, struggling with my mental health and have no friends. I hope all of that has changed by now. Hopefully you’ve grown up a little (but not too much of course) and made good choices in life.

I hope that you’ve continued to try to better yourself. I wonder if you’re at your goals now? At the time of writing this, I am going to the gym most days and working hard on my blog and YouTube in the hopes of one day turning it into a career. I wonder if you’ve managed to achieve those goals..?

I hope that you have traveled the world and even visited Japan by the time you’re re-reading this. Travelling is important to me and I know I enjoy it so I hope you still do.

Most importantly though, I hope that you’re happy. I hope that you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face and you’re ready to take on another day.

Find adventures in everyday!


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