Top Tips To Save Up Money Even If You’re Rubbish At Saving

1… Get yourself a savings jar! This is pretty much the basic savings tip. You will need a jar of some kind to collect money in.

2… Collect loose change. This tip may sounds a little far fetched but try picking up money from the floor or scooping up money from the bottom of your handbag. I’m sure you will find a lot of money over time in those places.

3… Stop spending the 1ps, 2ps and 5ps. Simon and I used to spend every single penny. But now, whenever we get some change back from shopping, we keep it and collect it in the jar. Anything that is 10p and over can be kept to spend on but anything under needs to be kept in a jar for savings.

4… Prioritise. You will need to decide what you want to spend your money on and what is not so important. For example, getting a Starbucks on your way to work isn’t as important as paying bills and rent. Once you have stopped spending money on the less important stuff, you’ll notice yourself having more spare money.

5… Stop collecting and start selling. I’m sure by now, you own plenty of stuff. Some of it you will love but other items not so much. That is why you should go through everything you own and decide what you wish to keep and what you wish to get rid of. You can sell unwanted items on online stores such as eBay, depop and vinted.

6… Take advantage of swaps. If you’re looking for something in a shop, take a minute to really think about it. If you want something then you could probably get it from someone else. Ask around if anyone wants to do a swap with you. You can swap books, clothing and even collectibles.

What tips and tricks do you have for people who are wanting to save a little extra money?

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