Fashion ‘Rules’ That Plus Size Women Need To Break

When I used to look in the mirror, I would hate what I saw. I saw a blob, a very fat blob. I hated myself.

If you’re a person, you can probably relate to this in some kind of way.

I’ve always been taught that fat is bad and I need to hide as much of my fat as possible.

That is why I’m writing this post. It’s time for things to change!

Rule #1: Don’t wear tight fitted clothing.

This rule is a load of bogus. I am definitely a plus size lady but I live in skinny jeans and tight fitted tops. They make me happier and I feel that I can show off my curves more. If anything, baggy clothes make me look all frumpy and gross so I’m definitely going to keep wearing my tight fitted clothing.

Rule #2: Lose the stripes.

I remember back when I was younger, I had a pink and white striped t-shirt. I absolutely adored it and wore it all the time. That was until I looked in the mirror once and noticed that it doesn’t make me look very slim. But the thing is, I shouldn’t have cared. No one else cared so why should I?!

Rule #3: Crop tops are not for fat people.

This should silly when you think about it. Fat people have stomachs and so do thinner people. Surely if we want to wear a crop top then we can no matter what size we are. Just because your tummy isn’t flat, doesn’t mean it can’t be flaunted.

Rule #4: Hide your bingo wings.

The phrase bingo wings always makes me laugh. It’s just so silly! Those saggy bits on your arms really don’t need to be hidden. Ignore people who say that they do. When it’s warm, you should wear that sleeveless outfit instead of hiding everything.

What plus size fashion rules are you going to break? Let’s all work together to break the rules of how fatter people can dress..

10 thoughts on “Fashion ‘Rules’ That Plus Size Women Need To Break

  1. I love this post! I used to be really overweight or what my doctor would term obese and I spent my whole teen years and some adult life in that state. I felt so bad half the time wanting to hide away my body, but you are so right, we need to be able to show ourselves off and stripes do actually look good on plenty of people 🙂 I completely agree with wearing fitting and tight clothes too. They make us have an amazing shape and look good, baggy just looks horrible and makes you look bigger than you are!


  2. This is such a wonderful post – it really is just about finding what you’re comfortable in and what makes you feel confident in your own body.

    I feel differently about stripes because I like that they emphasise my figure rather than my problem areas but obviously style and comfort are subjective anyway. 😊

    Hayley x


  3. I am so glad you are embracing the wobble! I can honestly say I now feel more womanly than I ever have, I wobble in all the “wrong” places (apparently) and I always I wear whatever I want.

    I think women, especially younger women (I am an old baggage) need to read positive posts like yours…thank you for sharing xx


  4. Fashion rules were meant to be followed by squares. Plus size women can wear whatever they want and still look good in it. Trends are created by those who dare to be different and aren’t afraid to step outside the box. Why be a follower when you can be a leader instead?

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