I have an infinity annual pass for Disneyland Paris and I have been a few times now. It’s so magical and I love it. However, even though my love for Disney grows stronger every single day, I had never actually managed to make the trip to Walt Disney World. It had been on my bucket list for a while though.

As a Brit, it’s pretty expensive to go to Walt Disney World so it was something that I could never really afford to do. However, 18 months ago, Simon and I decided to save up and make the effort to head over to Florida to visit Disney World.

We arrived back just less than a week ago and I feel like I learnt a lot that I should tell you about so that you can make the most of your first trip to Disney World.

Taking a break is definitely necessary

Don’t be afraid to admit defeat in a Disney park. Especially is said Disney park is in Orlando. The weather there is absolutely mad. It’s so hot and humid which can make you feel completely exhausted. It’s completely okay to take a midday break. That break can be different for everyone but for me, it was going back to the hotel, turning on the air conditioner and maybe taking a nap. For other people though, it’s simply sitting on a bench and drinking a cold drink.

Select the quick service meal plan

This is what we did and it’s definitely something that we would do again. Dining in Walt Disney World is absolutely crazy. For us, sit down restaurant meals just weren’t going to happen. Hopefully next time but for our first trip, we wanted to keep it as simple as possible. The quick service meal plan saved us a lot of money and we were never going hungry. The snacks and meals are huge and you can still eat as much as you want.

You’ll always wish that you had more time

No matter how much you plan, you will never accomplish it all in the one trip. Even though we went for two weeks, I feel like we would have needed another two more weeks just to get everything done. If you plan to spend time in the hotel, plan mini-golf, visit other hotels or even go to the water parks, you would need even more time on top of that.

Going to Disney World was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. There were a few things that I wish I changed but I just get to take them into consideration next time I go.

Have you ever been to a Disney park before? If you have, which is your favourite?

4 responses to “What I Learned From My First Trip To Walt Disney World”

  1. jenrosewrites Avatar

    Aw I love Disney! Glad you enjoyed your trip. Completely agree it’s very important to chill out as you CAN burn out, and I definitely agree that you feel like you need more time. I’m definitely waiting for the moment I have enough money to go again.


  2. 👻🧡BOOoeyAndFriends🖤🎃 (@MooeyAndFriends) Avatar

    I’m glad you had a wonderful trip to Orlando! I in Georgia (the state just above Florida) so it’s only a 7-hour drive to Orlando. I go with my family 1-2 times a year! ♥



  3. Thehendzels Avatar

    My husband and I are taking the children in March. I have the books and started reading them. It’s so overwhelming! I think we’ll just “show up” and go from there. Does that work?


  4. rosie abigail Avatar

    What a great post! 😊 My boyfriend and I visited in November from the UK, and it was so incredible! I totally agree with everything you’ve said here, especially the bit about needing rest. We are already thinking of when we can go again, so let the saving begin!


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