Imagine that you’re looking after a young child or a toddler. You would want to make sure that they had the best care possible. You’d make sure that they got enough sleep, let them have time to play and have fun, make sure that they have 3 meals a day and keep them clean.

Now, imagine that child is you. You deserve to be treated that way too. Just because you don’t have someone parenting you, doesn’t mean that you need to stop caring about yourself. This is why self-care is such an important thing to include in our lives.

You deserve to be treated well so here are some self-care tips for you.

Give yourself at least one day of rest per week

You could sit around all day binge-watching tv, sleep in or stay in bed all day, take a day away from your phone, read a good book, take a slow and steady walk, eat something yummy or you could just spend some time with yourself.

Create a list of things that you are grateful for or just things that make you happy

You can then look back on the list whenever you need a little pick me up. I find that even just making the list can put you in a great mood and leave a beautiful smile on your face.

Turn off the notifications on your phone

I swear that this is an actual game-changer. It’s such a good feeling because you end up being ‘free’ from your phone for a bit. Not having the notifications on takes away some of the pressure that you feel when you hear a ping. You’ll start spending less time on your phone and more time enjoying the real world.

Do something nice for another person

You could write a letter to a friend, help a stranger on the street, buy something little for your partner or you could take someone out for a meal. These acts of kindness are so important because they make the other person feel loved and valued which helps both their mental health and your own. By making someone else smile, you will feel a sense of purpose and it makes you feel happier.

Stay away from negativity if you can

I know that this isn’t always possible but if you can avoid gossip, complaints or insults then you will instantly feel a little better. By surrounding yourself with more positive and radiant beings, you will feel so much happier.

Practise self-love

The way that you talk to yourself matters. What you tell yourself ultimately becomes your reality. So, try your hardest to fill your mind with positive thoughts and watch yourself blossom. Loving yourself is not an easy journey. You’re not going to just wake up one day and feel better. It’s a process. You’ll probably have setbacks but you’re going to get there in the end.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it

There are so many people out there who are willing to listen and give advice. Call a family member or friend when you are facing a problem or when you’re feeling low. If you don’t want to talk to someone you know, there are plenty of phone or online services that you can contact. Asking for help is not weak, it’s actually very brave.

No matter what kind of issues you are going through in life, you are not alone and there are so many people out there that love and value you. So, please try to love yourself too.

2 responses to “7 Self-Care Practices That Will Improve Your Mental Health”

  1. 🌸 AlishaValerie. (@AlishaValerie) Avatar

    Thank you for sharing this lovely, so many more people need to practice self-care and self-love. I’m sending you so much love and festive wishes. 💜🎄

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |


  2. Thelondonflowerlover Avatar

    We enjoy your voice and your thought process


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