Visiting a Disney park is a dream come true. Not every Disney fan is lucky enough to be able to visit a park in their life. If you are lucky enough, you’ll want to make sure that you’re all ready to make your time as magical as possible.

It’s not only important to get yourself ready but you need to prep your phone too.

I don’t think that people realise how important their phone is for the perfect Disney trip. Everything used to come on paper several years ago. You had your fastpasses on paper, your maps on paper and you had your meal reservations on paper. But, those days are gone. Everything is digital which makes your phone so much more important than you would think.

Before my first Disney trip, I didn’t think about how much I would need my phone. Oh how I wish someone had told me.

So, consider this as me telling you.

Anyway, here’re some of the ways that you can prepare your phone for a Disney trip…

♡ Get Some Charge ♡

As a hardcore Disney fan, I can’t imagine anything worse than your phone running out of battery while you’re in a park. A lot of the Disney fun has now become more and more reliant upon your phone. You can now use your phone for checking ride wait times, booking character meet and greets, deciding where to eat and viewing your PhotoPass photos. That is why it’s super important to get some charge and then monitor the charge that you do have. You don’t want to notice that it’s only 1pm and you’ve already used 99% of your charge. That would be a nightmare!

If you are a compulsive phone user like me then your best bet is to buy yourself a power bank. You can pretty much buy them anywhere these days as they are becoming super popular. Their popularity is definitely helping the Disney fans too though.

♡ Clear Some Space ♡

Imagine your just about to take a photo of the parade and your favourite character is waving and looking stunning but then as you try to take the photo, the memory is full. That is a nightmare!

I know that a lot of people take photos on a camera at Disney parks so if you’re one of those people, you might think that this won’t concern you… but it might. I used to take my Canon G7x Mark II around the park with me but overtime, it started becoming more of an annoyance so I stopped bringing it. Sure, it’s nice to have it with you just in case but having your phone there too is a great way of doubling up.

clearing some space and memory on your phone is pretty easy to do. I’ll list just a few ways that you can do it…

  • Transfer your photos to another device, cloud drive or anywhere you wish. I personally use Google Drive.
  • Clear your search history. You might need to Google how to do this because some phones are different.
  • Delete old text messages and emails.
  • Uninstall apps that you don’t use. If you end up missing it, you could always get it back after Disney.
  • Delete some of the music that isn’t to your taste anymore.

♡ Protect Your Phone ♡

To this day, I have been lucky enough to not experience a lost or damaged phone from Disney. Phones are pretty expensive now and they also contain a lot of our lives. Losing or damaging your phone could be the end of the world for some people.

If you’re worried about losing or damaging your phone then make sure to put in extra steps to keep it safe. You could buy a lanyard with a waterproof pouch attached and keep your phone in there or you could leave it in a zipped pocket. If that’s still not enough, you could consider taking out some insurance for your phone to make sure that it’s extra safe. This isn’t a necessity but it might help clumsy people like myself.

♡ Download The Apps ♡

Your phone is all ready for your trip. Now it’s time for the fun part!

When visiting a park, you should download yourself some apps that will make your trip flow more and allow you to experience extra magic.

My Disney Experience (Walt Disney World). This is the official app for the Disney World parks in Florida. You can check wait times, maps and view menus right from your phone by having this app.

Disneyland Paris. This is the official app for the Disneyland parks in Paris. You can check wait times, use the interactive map, purchase tickets and it even speaks several languages.

Disneyland (Disneyland California). This is the official app for the Disneyland parks in California. You can check wait times, order fastpasses, locate characters, make dining plans, view PhotoPass and it’s a must have for passholders.

There’s plenty of other apps you can download too but if I listed them all, I’d be here forever.

Have you ever use any of these apps? What do you do to prepare your phone for a Disney trip?

One response to “How To Prepare Your Phone For A Disney Trip”

  1. Kim Avatar

    These are some great tips. I swore my the Disneyland Paris app when I visited last year, it was perfect for keeping up to date on ride times and character meet and greets. But I do wish I’d cleared some space on my phone before going, I had to rely on my mum’s phone for photos in the end.


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