I consider myself to be a part-time bullet journal user. Back in 2016, I was a hardcore bullet journal enthusiast. Now that it’s 2020, my life is getting busier and I don’t have time to make every page look beautiful and Instagram-worthy. The main thing that stopped me from using my bullet journal was that I’m not super artistic. My drawings and doodles tend to be a little bit all over the place which made me worried that I wasn’t ‘good enough’ to be part of the BuJo Community.

Anyway, now I have started to realise that each journal owner is unique. We don’t have to do things that way that all these professional planners do it. So, my mission from now on is to start using my bullet journal the way that I want to.

My favourite thing to do in my bullet journal is to make lists and collections. So, I compiled a huge list of collection ideas for me to fill the rest of my journal with!


  • About me
  • Gratitude log
  • Affirmations
  • Timeline of your life
  • Timeline of your average day
  • Your achievements
  • Things that make you happy
  • Things that make you happy
  • Skills to learn
  • If lost please return to…
  • Places to visit
  • Favourite self care activities
  • Weekly, Monthly and yearly goals

Blogging and Social Media

  • Blog mission
  • Blog post ideas
  • Favourite social media influencers
  • Affiliate programmes
  • Favourite blogs
  • Blog schedule
  • Monthly review
  • Follower tracker
  • Blog information
  • Favourite Youtube channels
  • Monthly analytics


  • Bills
  • savings goals
  • Donations
  • Investments
  • Tax information
  • Savings tracker
  • Income and outgoings
  • Monthly budget
  • No spend days
  • Money saving tips
  • Subscription list
  • Debt tracker

Home and Family

  • Address and phone numbers
  • Cleaning schedule
  • Birthdays
  • Electric, gas and water usage
  • Kid’s chores
  • Pet’s details
  • Babysitter’s information
  • Home maintenance
  • Paint swatches
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Moving house inventory


  • Video games to play
  • Video games played
  • Favourite video games
  • Video games wishlist
  • Books to read
  • Books read
  • Favourite books
  • Library book tracker
  • Book ratings
  • Books being released
  • Films to watch
  • Favourite films
  • Film reviews
  • Films being released
  • TV show tracker
  • TV shows to watch
  • Hobbies to try
  • Playlists
  • Album releases
  • Concert dates
  • Craft projects
  • Favourite bands
  • DVDs you own
  • DVDs you want to own

Health and Fitness

  • Easy or quick meals
  • Medication log
  • Medication side effects
  • Healthy snack ideas
  • Food shopping list
  • Gym tracker
  • Water intake tracker
  • Fitness challenges
  • Macros
  • Caffine intake
  • Yoga poses
  • Pantry inventory
  • Foods you hate
  • Sleep log
  • Weight tracker
  • Measurements

Scholastic / Employment

  • Employment goals
  • Tutor info
  • Class schedule
  • Shifts
  • Grade tracker
  • Class notes
  • School holidays
  • Annual leave
  • Days taken off (sick days)
  • Hours worked


  • Packing list
  • Flight information
  • Itinerary
  • Dream destinations
  • Places visited
  • Road trip planning
  • Staycation ideas
  • Camping supplies
  • Pre-travel shopping list
  • Weekend getaway ideas
  • Mileage tracker
  • Car game ideas


  • People I’m grateful for
  • Favourite jokes
  • Nail varnish swatches
  • Wishlist
  • Dream diary
  • Planning routine
  • Brain dump
  • Planner challenge
  • Dances to learn
  • Things collected
  • Theme parks visited
  • Pen test page
  • Inspiration
  • Self care activities
  • Advice page
  • Doodle page
  • Quotes
  • Washi tape swatches
  • Who borrowed what?
  • Bucket list
  • Favourite websites
  • Bullet journal list ideas

I feel like I’m going to be journalling for a very long time before I manage to complete all of these but I’ll definitely give it a good go.

If you have any ideas on what I could fill some more of my journal with then let me know!

11 responses to “The Ultimate List Of Bullet Journal Collection Ideas”

  1. nataliawiatr Avatar

    This really is the ULTIMATE list, good job! And don’t worry even if your bujo doesn’t look like a work of modern art. The creator of bullet journaling himself only used a black pen. I myself wouldn’t call my notebook a bullet journal, but I like to keep organized, so I put some elements of bujo in it. I’m sure I’ll use some of these ideas in there, too. Thank you!


  2. Jen Avatar

    So many ideas, so little time! Last year, I limited my bujo to mood trackers, daily highlights, books to read, birthday list, poems, and goals for the year. Hoping to do more this year!


  3. 🌸 AlishaValerie. (@AlishaValerie) Avatar

    You’ve shared some really fab idea’s beautiful. I’m sending you so much love. 💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x | http://www.alishavalerie.com


  4. readingwithjessica Avatar

    This is awesome!! Thank you for sharing. I’m not a creative person by any means lol. I also wish I had prettier handwriting but I have to work with what I have haha. Appreciate you sharing some ideas with all of us and I wish you the best with your journal.


  5. D65 Avatar

    Omggg, I am so glad I came across this. Great ideas 🙂


  6. AlexaJade Avatar

    Bullet journaling is a great hobby! I am the same. I’m unable to keep up with bullet journaling regularly at the moment. Completely understand where you are coming from there.
    Some amazing ideas for bullet journals here. Thanks for Sharing hun.

    Love Alexa,


  7. bournemouthgirl Avatar

    Okay this post is a little bit of me! Firstly it’s a list post and I love lists! Haha! But I love bullet journals too and so this is so helpful! I am going to make a note of these ideas! Thank you for sharing x


  8. themumwhoread Avatar

    Yet another great post Eleanor. I am so proud of you saying even though you didn’t feel good enough to fit into the BuJo community, you are doing it your way anyway. That is a huge move. Very well done. Doing it your way is the best way and I honestly feel everyone will love it your way. It isn’t all about the beautiful spreads etc, it is about what is put into them. 🙂


  9. Ella Jones Avatar
    Ella Jones

    Love these ideas! It’s nice to spice up your bullet journal sometimes with useful pages of inspiration


  10. 🐮💗Michelle✨🎀 (@MooeyAndFriends) Avatar

    What an amazing list! I used to bullet journal but stopped because I would get mad at myself if the pages weren’t “perfect” now I basically make my own journal pages and use prompts (kind of like bujo, right?). I’m going to save this page and come back to it when I need inspiration. Thank you! ♥



  11. Emma James Avatar

    Don’t worry about how it looks as long as you enjoy doing it 😊 Great list. I tried to start a bullet journal last year but I find it hard to find the time, like you said!


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