My Social Media Strategies For 2020

I realise that we are over halfway through the first month of 2020 but I feel like sharing this post will help myself and while I’m here, it might help you out too.

During 2019, I grew gradually on most of my social media accounts. I think that the only platform that didn’t grow much was Instagram as I didn’t put in much effort on that platform at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love Instagram for the Stories and keeping up with people’s lives but I never know what to post on my feed which makes my photo uploads a little bit messy so people won’t care for my account, which is fine because everyone is allowed to enjoy or not enjoy whatever they want.

Anyway, here’s my strategy for 2020…


Everyone knows that Instagram is all about the visuals. You go onto someone’s account and you’re hoping to see a cohesive aesthetic, high-quality photography, and on-brand images. However, this is something that I have been too hung upon.

For 2020, I’m not going to let myself get caught up on creating the perfect image. This year, for me, it’s all about the writing.

I’ve always loved writing. It’s never been something that I am great at but it does make me happy which is more important than being perfect. This is why I’m going to worry less about the photo and focus a little more on the caption. Don’t worry, I won’t just upload anything and everything though.

I want my captions to feel like I put effort into them. I want to be able to tell a story or share how I’m feeling. I tried this with my latest Instagram photo and it made me feel so much better about Instagram and I’m actually looking forward to uploading again soon. I’ve never felt like this before with Instagram, usually I worry about uploading. I’ll add my latest post below so you can see an example!

It didn’t take me too long to write the caption but I enjoyed writing it anyway. I told a story that I don’t talk about often and it felt good to share a post about my life.

Another thing that I want to do with my Instagram in 2020 is to upload more often. I didn’t even post once a week in 2019 and that wasn’t helping me grow at all.


When it comes to Twitter, there are a few things that I want to consider before I hit that tweet button:

  1. Will this tweet offend a group of people?
  2. Does this tweet spread positivity?
  3. Is this tweet going to bring something to someone’s life?

I thought about these things while I wrote one of my tweets which I will leave below.

This tweet was one that I thought about while I was reading a blog post all about having the perfect blog. While I was reading it, I was thinking about beginner bloggers. I didn’t want them to be put off blogging because they didn’t have everything set up perfectly.

I went through the questions in my mind and it didn’t seem offensive, it was positive and it might have helped someone. So, I hit the tweet button!

To improve my Twitter growth this year, I plan on incorporating a few more strategies that I have been slacking with.

♡ Talk with people, not at them. It’s a social media after all. You are there to engage with people and be social so why are we all just shouting into a void instead of talking to our followers and the people who we follow.
♡ Keep tweets more conversational. I want to keep my profile more professional but I also want to be approachable.
♡ Consider how tweets will be consumed by followers. When a tweet is being sent, you are wanting to head back from your followers in the form of replies, retweets and likes. Design your tweet with these things in mind.


My Facebook page often gets neglected. I plan on using it but then I forget about it for awhile. I do this with my personal Facebook too though so it’s not all that shocking.

Before I rebranded to mxrshmallowqueen, I was known under eleaanormay. My old Facebook page for eleaanormay had over 500 likes which meant quite a lot of engagement. Annoyingly, when I rebranded, Facebook wouldn’t let me rebrand my old page which meant I needed to start a new one.

One year later and I still only have 50 likes on my new Facebook page. This isn’t too bad considering how little I use it but I really would like to see that number raise in 2020.

I only really have one goal for Facebook in 2020 and that goal is to start using it. No more neglection on my Facebook page because from now on, I’ll be posting every few days.

I won’t have a set theme on my content because I enjoy posting whatever I want but hopefully you will see more content from me over there. Give my page a follow here if you would like to.

I don’t really have much other social media accounts that I want to grow this year so I won’t add more to this list. I could have chatted on about Pinterest and TikTok too but I’m going to start smaller as to not overwhelm myself.

What is your 2020 social media strategy?

9 thoughts on “My Social Media Strategies For 2020

  1. Thank you for the tips!! I struggle with social media at times because I feel like no matter how many followers I have, I never get the interaction I crave. I’d love to talk with others about books, tv shows, etc. Even when I ask for people to leave their blogs for me to comment on…I still get nothing. Not sure what else to do lol.


  2. Really enjoyed this blog, thank you. Great advice, it can be difficult incorporating social media posts into your on line ‘voice’.

    Love the photo of Burton Museum too – I think you are being hard on yourself regarding your pictures, they are better than you think.

    Have a great day and thanks again.

    Entirely Beauty

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  3. It sounds like your strategy is to have fun and enjoy all the social media sites, while spreading positivity rather than worrying too much about them. I think that’ll set you up for a great 2020. 😀

    I am glad i got to connect with you in twitterland.


  4. Such great advice. 🙂 I feel so silly as I’ve neve done an Instagram story and don’t even know how. Instagram keeps asking if I want to set up camera when I go into stories but all I want to use is a pre-taken photo and then I get confused and give up :/ I also don’t know what to say in a story, or most posts, lol. My Insta feed’s pretty terrible, I never seem to have more views of follows than I did months ago, lol.

    My goal’s are definitely to try to be more active on twitter and instagram without spending so much time it’s exhausting though. That’s great advice on the tweets, I’ll have to check those questions myself before posting. I also have a goal to work out pinterest as I’ve never understood how some blog posts bring in views and others don’t.

    Good luck in your goals, I hope you succeed! ❤ 🙂


  5. Eleanor, this is great. I really enjoyed your Vlog about this topic too. My strategies are very much like yours. I wish to engage more with my audience and post more. I do not use Facebook for my blog. I haven’t really thought about it to be honest. I use Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest the most to promote.


  6. These are great tips! I had my Instagram account hacked and therefore had to start all over again☹️ I get so caught up in trying to make an aesthetically pleasing photographs. I just want to post what I want when I want. The only thing I do want to plan is more photographs! So in my bullet journal I have created an Instagram schedule so I can plan ahead of time! Thank you for sharing your strategies! Xx


  7. I loved this post! As a new blogger myself, I’m often guilty of putting so much pressure on myself to get things posted and to ensure I have the right balance on social media too. Your wonderful, friendly approach to blogging is so lighthearted and lovely though, it’s made me realise I shouldn’t be so hard on myself! Taking time to do what you love is far more important. Keep doing what you’re doing 💗


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