I spend way too much time on Twitter. I could tweet constantly and if my followers wouldn’t get annoyed then I would definitely do it.

I recently heard on my timeline that a few people don’t really know what to say on Twitter anymore. Honestly, I can’t relate.

I love tweeting and talking to people through twitter and I never run out of things to say. That is why I decided to make a list that might be able to help you think of ideas too.

♡ Ask a question. People love answering questions and sharing their opinions.
♡ Share your favourite quotes.
♡ Create a graphic to share. I use Canva for this.
♡ Tweet about your plans for the day, weekend or week.
♡ Share your monthly goals.
♡ Promote your latest blog post, YouTube video or any other kind of content.
♡ Post a selfie.
♡ Retweet someone else’s content.
♡ Give a friend a shoutout. You can do this on a #FollowFriday or any day really.
♡ Share a fact that you just learnt.
♡ Show a behind the scenes photo. People love to see what you’re working on.
♡ Ask for tips and advice. Everyone has their own different way of looking at things so you’ll learn so much.
♡ Post helpful infographics. You can make them yourself if you wish.
♡ Reply to someone’s tweet.
♡ Share a tip from your industry. These could be ‘blogging tips’ or ‘organisation tips’ or anything that fits.
♡ Show a resource that it helping you.
♡ Get involved in ‘Twitter Chats’. There’s so many out there.
♡ Post your favourite quote.
♡ Share a fun gif.
♡ Create a mini book, film or album review.
♡ Promote an upcoming event.
♡ Talk about your pets.
♡ Show something that you collect.
♡ Tell people your most unpopular opinion and see who agrees and disagrees. Stay polite though.
♡ Thank your followers for always supporting you.

The easiest way to keep tweeting is to have fun and chat to people. A lot of people forget that it’s ‘social’ media and they don’t talk to others. Respond to other tweets and it will keep the conversation going and build relationships.

What are some of your favourite things to tweet about? Have you used any of these ideas? Why not send out a tweet about this post while you’re here?!

5 responses to “Things To Tweet When You Need New Ideas”

  1. Hannah Read Avatar
    Hannah Read

    Good tips! I always plan my tweets for the week each previous Sunday and that definitely helps with ensuring that my tweets are varied and interesting 😊 interactive tweets are good!

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  2. Rebecca Llewellyn Avatar

    I loved reading this so much! It was just what I needed. I’m always worried I’m going to annoy my followers by posting too much on twitter, but I’ve realised after reading this that I definitely don’t post enough. I think more self-belief is needed in my case! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post lovely xx

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  3. Jasmine Avatar

    I love these tips. I always seem to have struggles with thinking of what to tweet about. I sometimes worry about what to say to other people on twitter.

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  4. I'm All Booked Up YA Avatar

    These are great ideas. Sometimes we don’t know what to Tweet.

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