Valentine’s Day Tag (Even Though I Don’t Care For It)

I was reading blogs, as I spend the majority of my life doing and one of the posts that I ended up reading was Valentines Day Tag from Hey Little Tulip and it made me want to try the tag too.

Valentine’s Day has never been something that I really cared for but I’m trying to look at it more positively this year.

This year, Valentine’s Day is a day for CELEBRATING MYSELF!

1. What is your favourite Valentine’s Day treat?

Since neither me or Simon actually celebrate Valentine’s Day, I don’t have a favourite ‘treat’. Since I’m focusing on self love this Valentine’s Day, my favourite self care related treat would be eating some snacks and watching a film on Netflix.

2. Love Hearts or chocolate covered strawberries?

I do love Love Hearts but chocolate covered strawberries are the obvious choice for me here. Strawberries are my favourite food so if you add chocolate then I’m definitely going to be choosing that.

3. What is your favourite Valentines Day memory?

I don’t think I’ve ever celebrated Valentine’s Day with anyone who likes the idea of the day. Because of that, there’s not been a Valentine’s Day that particularly sticks out for me. Memory wise, an old friend of mine used to send me a Valentine’s Day card every year and I would send one to her too. It was something that we called ‘friendship day’ and it was actually really nice.

4. What film would you rather watch on Valentines Day, The Notebook or Titanic?

Both of these films are amazing but the last time that I watched The Notebook, I felt sad for about 100 years and never quite got over it. Because of that, I’ll choose Titanic because at least I won’t cry as much.

5. Meal in or Meal out on Valentines Day?

Both of these sound nice. I do like eating out and Simon and I go on a date night out at least once a month but I do love just sitting in the house with Simon, while we watch rubbish TV.

6. What would you do on your perfect Valentine’s Day date?

If I could choose absolutely anything then there’s only one obvious answer. I would be waking up in the morning after a great nights sleep in the Castle Club of the Disneyland hotel and head straight into Disneyland Paris for the day. Ending the day with a meal at Annette’s Diner too of course!

7. Red or Pink lips on Valentine’s Day?

If I’m wearing lipstick then it’s probably purple but I’ll choose red for this one.

8. What is your ideal Valentine’s Day outfit?

My ideal outfit would be a comfy, black dress with patterned tights. I always think that looks super cute!

9. Homemade or store bought gifts?

I’ve always believed that a gift with thought put into it is better than something just grabbed from a shelf. It doesn’t matter if someone bought the gift from a shop or made it with their own hands. If they put effort into the gift then it means the world to me.

10. Hair up or hair down for Valentines date?

I look like a 10 year old with my hair up so hair down of course!

What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Let me know if you do this tag too!

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