Blog Post Ideas For When Blogger Block Hits

If you’re a blogger then you might be able to understand what blogger block is like. You’re in the mood to write a post but what do you write about?!

Blogger block doesn’t care whether you’re a new blogging, older blogger or a part time blogger. It also doesn’t care what genre your write. If you’re a writer of any kind, you are likely to face-to-face with blogger block at some point.

There’s no way that you can stop blogger block but you can prepare yourself for when it hits by having some post ideas jotted down.

Lucky for you, I have made a list for you…

♡ Share a competition.
♡ List your goals.
♡ Create a F&Q.
♡ Share your favourite quotes.
♡ Tell people which conspiracy theories you believe in.
♡ Share the lessons that you’ve learnt throughout life.
♡ Review some books, films or games.
♡ Ask a question on social media and share the answers on your blog.
♡ Publish a short story or a poem.
♡ Share some useless facts.
♡ Showcase a small business, artist or blogger.
♡ Write an open letter to a family member, friend or even yourself.
♡ Introduce your pets.
♡ Show your tattoos and tell their stories (if they have one).
♡ Share your most recent haul.
♡ Tell people what you are inspired by.
♡ Show a day in your life.
♡ Share tips of staying positive during a tough time.
♡ Talk about your perfect weekend.
♡ List your favourite or most used apps.
♡ Share a gift guide.
♡ Join a challenge and share your experiences.
♡ Let your readers send you questions and you answer them.

No matter how bad your blogger block is, it will pass and you will end up back in the swing of things.

I bet that you have hundreds and thousands, if not millions of ideas in your mind. You just have to work on finding them.

I hope that this post gives you some inspiration and helps with your blogger block, even just a little.

Have you ever faced blogger block? How did you combat it?

9 thoughts on “Blog Post Ideas For When Blogger Block Hits

  1. Great ideas! I really like using blogger tags when I’m stuck for ideas… There are some excellent ones in the book blogging community that also make for great reading.


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