February has come to an end. The second month of the century has been completed. I’m very thankful that it didn’t last as long as January did. I thought that January was never going to end.

February is a funny little month. I always feel like February is the month of change. I’m not sure if there’s a reason that I feel that way, I just do.

I figured that since February has ended, I would share some of the things that I’m ‘currently’ doing.

Currently Reading…

This month, I actually picked up a book for the first time in a year. It was Detective Pikachu and it was actually a very enjoyable read.

I’ve also been reading a lot of blogs. A few faves of mine are MooeyAndFriends, Totally Tee, Kayleigh Zara and “Ice Cream” whispers Clara.

Currently Watching…

This month I have been watching so much that I will just create a mini list because it will be much easier.

  1. Death Note.
  2. Aggretsuko Season 2.
  3. Portrait Artist Of The Year.
  4. The Bill.
  5. Simon on Twitch.

If you’re looking for Netflix recommendations though, I uploaded a video on my YouTube channel full of them…

Currently Listening To…

This month (and January), I’ve been listening to a lot of AJR again! My favourite song of theirs at the moment is Don’t Throw Out My Legos.

I’ve been creating a lot of playlists on Spotify again too. I feel like I spend a lot of my free time doing this. I have one for motivation, mental healthy recovery and even one for getting over someone. Playlists are just too fun to make!

Currently Playing…

If you didn’t already know, I started streaming which means I’ve been gaming a lot more now. You can follow my Twitch Channel here if you wish to do so.

The main game that I have been playing while streaming is Pokemon Sword. I started playing this around the middle of February and now I’m obsessed. I keep wanting to play it when I’m not streaming but I’m determined to keep it all n stream which means that the game is taking a lot longer to get through.

Starter Pokemon wise, I chose Sobble because I’ve pretty much always been one for choosing water types. Plus, Sobble is a cutie anyway!

Off stream, I’m playing quite a few games too. On the Nintendo Switch, I’ve been playing Tsum Tsum Festival.

I spend way too long on TsumTsum Festival but it’s actually pretty damn fun.

When Simon and I bought the game, I didn’t think that I would play it much. Randomly one day, I picked it up and gave it a go and it’s just the cutest thing ever!

Currently Eating…

My food of choice is a combo of Chocolate Pop Tarts and Super Noodles, but not together of course, I’m not a monster.

Currently Planning…

The future of my blog and my YouTube channel. I want to start giving them my full attention and really having a go at making them successful.

I sort of explained this in a YouTube video that I uploaded in January…

I am nearly at 500 subscribers on YouTube and will be doing a giveaway when I finally get there. Let me know what you wish to see in my giveaway. I was thinking an Amazon giftcard or something similar because most people use Amazon these days.

What have you been up to this February? I might start writing more of these little monthly update style posts so be sure to stick around until next month!


2 responses to “February 2020 Round-Up”

  1. Thephatgirlblog Avatar

    I didn’t do anything exciting in February. I read 10 books, wrote 4-6 blog posts….. dont quote me on that. And went to physio 11 times. Therapy once. Lol….. yep…..


  2. Thephatgirlblog Avatar

    I was WAY off! I wrote 15 blog posts….. *facepalm*


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