Easter Themed Blog Post Ideas

Easter Eggs are starting to fill the shop shelves. At first, people were confused as why they were arriving so early and I was too. Now, I’m just enjoying that fact that the creme eggs are back!

If you’re a blogger, you might want to write a few Easter themed blog posts this year. I plan on writing a few myself which is where this list came from.

I was just planning all my future blog posts and I made a huge list of blog post ideas for each event or holiday that came up. Since Easter is on it’s way, I thought I would share my post ideas just incase you wish to write about any of these too.

Lifestyle Easter Post Ideas

  • How to host an Easter egg hunt for adults
  • Easter flower arrangements
  • How to decorate for Easter
  • Easter themed hauls
  • What no one told you about Easter
  • Easter movie picks on Netflix
  • Self care ideas for Easter
  • Easter party favours
  • An Easter related story from your past
  • Easter gift ideas

Beauty Easter Post Ideas

  • Easter inspired make up looks
  • How to look like the Easter bunny
  • Easter nail art
  • Floral eyeliner looks
  • How to incorporate pastels into your everyday look

Fashion Easter Post Ideas

  • Pastel outfit ideas
  • Easter themed lookbook
  • Stylish Easter outfits for church
  • How to wear floral patterns
  • How to dress for Spring

Parenting Easter Post Ideas

  • How to create an Easter bonnet
  • Easter gifts for toddlers
  • DIY Easter cards
  • Easter craft ideas
  • How to make the perfect chocolate nest cakes
  • Easter party games
  • How to make an Easter hunt

Foodie Easter Post Ideas

  • Easter cocktails
  • How to have a vegan Easter
  • Easter deserts
  • Egg inspired Easter treats
  • Easter brunch recipes
  • Mini egg desserts
  • Easter dinner ideas
  • Food to put in your Easter basket

Health and Fitness Easter Post Ideas

  • Healthy Easter treats
  • Gluten free Easter snacks
  • Sugar free Easter treats
  • How to stay motivated to work out
  • How to stay relaxed during Easter

Finance Easter Post Ideas

  • How to not break the bank on Easter eggs
  • How to create cheap Easter baskets
  • Free family activities
  • How to get cash back on Easter shopping
  • Free Easter printables
  • How to have a zero waste Easter

Crafty Easter Post Ideas

  • Easter wreath tutorial
  • How to make a pom pom bunny
  • Easter craft trends
  • Egg crafts to try
  • Create your own Easter basket
  • Mason jar Easter crafts
  • Bunny thumbprint tutorial

Travel Easter Post Ideas

  • Easter events in your area
  • Top 5 places to travel to this Easter
  • How to find an egg hunt in your area

With so many great ideas to write about, we all better start writing! If you have any other ideas that you don’t mind sharing, drop them in the comments so we can all help each other.

One thought on “Easter Themed Blog Post Ideas

  1. What a fabulous list of blog post ideas, and how wonderful of you to share it! I’m looking forward to reading your Easter themed posts 🙂 And hopefully, I can manage to get some up on my blog too! We’ll see… it’s a little tough during this pandemic. I want to make a pom pom bunny, omg 😀 CUTE!! – Sarah x


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