A Few Of My Favourite iPhone Apps

I am definitely one of those people who’s obsessed with their devices. The very first thing I do in the morning is check my phone and the last things that I do before going to sleep is check I won’t miss out on anything. Even if I wake up in the night, I have a quick scroll through Twitter and Instagram before trying to get back to sleep. Do you do this too?

Even though I probably spend way too much time on my iPhone, I thought I would share some of my favourite apps with you all so that you can all become addicted too.

I try to mix my iPhone full of fun apps and app that make me be productive so I figured that I would show you a few from each of these types.


♡ Twitter. This is probably my most used app. I wake up and check Twitter and it’s probably the last app that I use before I go to sleep too. I’m definitely an over tweeter.

(P.S. If you run out of things to tweet, this post might help!)

♡ Instagram. This is pretty obvious really but I’m growing pretty fond of this app recently. I feel like by putting a little bit more effort and time into the app, I have re-found my love of it all over again. My photos aren’t even good but seeing other people’s photos is so much fun.

♡ Goodreads. If you’re a reader then this app is absolutely wonderful. I personally find that the Goodreads website is kind of ugly but the app is so much easier to use. It allows you to scan your books in too which means less searching and more review reading.

♡ Pinterest. I’m a Pinterest addict. I can sit and pin to boards all day long. If you’re a content creator too then Pinterest can be a great way to boost your page views. You’ve probably heard all about that before though.


♡ YouTube. I stopped going on YouTube for a little white but now I’m back in full force. I’m even uploading videos to my channel again.

♡ Twitch. This is probably where a lot of my time is going at the moment. If I’m not streaming myself then I’m busy watching other streams. There’s plenty of different streamers out there so you’ll definitely find one that you enjoy watching.

♡ TikTok. I downloaded this app as a joke but it’s beginning to take over my life now. I can’t stop watching videos and absolutely howling with laughter. People on TikTok are absolutely amazing and so creative.

♡ Magikarp Jump. Simon recommended that I play this game and now I just can’t stop myself from loading the game. It’s a game where you raise Magikarps. Sounds pretty boring but it’s addictive.

♡ Spotify. I use this app a lot for music when I’m out and about. I hate the idea of walking anywhere without my headphones now. I literally have a playlist for every mood so music is becoming very important to me.


♡ Garmin. This might not be an app that a lot of you will use but I thought it was worth a mention here. I use this a lot as I have a Garmin Vivomove HR and it’s great. I find it much nicer than my old Fitbit too.

♡ Your online banking app. I was going to write which bank app I use but I figured that’s probably ever sharing. My online banking app is a complete life saver though. It’s so much easier to do things than popping into the bank to sort the tiniest thing.

♡ Arriva Bus. I live in Wales which means that most busses in my area are ran by Arriva Bus Wales. The app helps me know which bus to get if I’m going somewhere new.


♡ McDonald’s. This one is super random but I downloaded the McDonald’s App because they were offering free food through January if you used the app. Now I still have it because it makes ordering food there so much easier. You don’t have to speak to anyone at all and they even bring it to your table.

♡ DisneylandPhotoPass. This is an app that won’t be used often by quite a few people but it’s one I enjoy a lot. As a Disneyland Paris Infinity Pass holder, I get a free photopass meaning that all my trip photos get stored on this app. It’s nice to just look back and think of happy Disney park memories.

What apps do you like to use? Are you addicted to social media too?

2 thoughts on “A Few Of My Favourite iPhone Apps

  1. I do this too and it’s not good when trying to go to sleep haha. Tik Tok is my new obsession (as in watching not making videos). I loved watching yours and Simon’s videos too! 💜


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