40 Things To Do Inside During Quarantine

This quarantine and self-isolation situation seems to be lasting a lot longer that we all initially expected. Finding ways to spend time inside is getting harder and harder.

We have been inside for a long time and time-killing ideas are getting sparse. That is why I have created this list of things you can do inside your home.

Remember: stay home, save lives.

  1. Start a blog. You could document your quarantine experience or write about something completely different.
  2. Knit or crochet something. This keeps your hands busy which will make you feel less irritated.
  3. Start scrapbooking. Add all your old photos, gig tickets and maps to a scrapbook and you’ll have something lovely to look back on one day.
  4. Watch a film. You could pick a super long film that you didn’t have time for or just a fave of yours.
  5. Start a puzzle. Doesn’t matter what kind. It could be a 1,000 piece jigsaw or it could be a Rubik’s Cube.
  6. Learn a new language. Apps such a Duolingo are great for this and you can do it all from your phone.
  7. Practise your drawing skills. You could try drawing people or even a fantasy land that you got from your imagination.
  8. Learn to play an instrument. Just make sure it won’t annoy your neighbours too much before you try this.
  9. Organise your tupperwear and match up the lids. It’s pretty much mission impossible but it will kill time.
  10. Read a book. You could read something that’s been on your TBR list for a long time or just something simple.
  11. Create a new skincare routine. Gotta look after that skin so there’s no better time than now to test new products.
  12. Try a home workout. There’s plenty of videos to follow on youtube or you could make something up for yourself.
  13. Look at photos of puppies. If puppies aren’t your thing then you could look at any other animal. Guaranteed happiness.
  14. Write a letter to your friends or family. They are trapped inside too so receiving a letter will really put a smile on their face. It will be fun for you to write too. Win-win.
  15. Learn calligraphy. There’s plenty of online tutorials that can be found on websites and youtube.
  16. Play a board game. Monopoly is a good choice because each game last forever. You’ll never run out of things to do.
  17. Facetime your best friend and have a catch up. You could make it a PJ and wine facetime call if you were feeling fancy.
  18. Try a new recipe. It could be banana bread or a fancy dinner. The possibilities are endless.
  19. Read all the magazines that you’ve bought on subscription but still haven’t read.
  20. Organise your wardrobe with the Marie Kondo method. If it doesn’t “spark joy” then get rid. Sell it online or save it to donate another time.
  21. Have a dance party in your Pjs. You can blast you favourite ‘feel good’ song and crazy dance around your bedroom.
  22. Take a bubble bath. Add a bathbomb and candles to make yourself feel extra special.
  23. Try making a cocktail. There’s recipes online or you could go wild and make it up as you go.
  24. Do some colouring in a colouring book. They aren’t just for kids and actually are pretty fun.
  25. Write a short story or stay a novel. A lot of people have story ideas but not enough time. Well now you have time.
  26. Test a Pinterest hack. It might be completely terrible but that just makes it more fun.
  27. Build a fort. You are never too old to build a fort. Bonus points if you chill in there with popcorn and films all day.
  28. Fix something that has been broken for awhile. I know we all mean to get around to fixing things but it never happens. Well, now is the perfect time.
  29. Stretch your muscles. A foam roller is perfect for this but you could also just stand up and move more.
  30. Learn a new hair style. This is something we did as a kid but we all kind of stopped. Why?!
  31. Organise your make up and beauty products. Throw away the out of date stuff and clean your brushes.
  32. Interview a family member over the phone. Make it as silly as you wish and you are both likely to have a laugh for a bit.
  33. Make a gratitude list. If there’s ever been a time to be thankful for what we have, then it’s now.
  34. Work on a monthly budget. You might want to change up how you do things or keep things the same. Up to you.
  35. Do some online shopping. This is the perfect time to support a small business. If you can’t shop them they right now, you could buy a gift card to support them in the future instead.
  36. Do something crazy with your hair. If it goes terribly, no one will see anyway.
  37. Learn a TikTok dance. There’s so many out there now that you can make it as complicated or as simple as you like.
  38. Make a list of places that you’d like to visit once the quarantine is over. Museums, art galleries, shops, cafes or cities. Endless choices.
  39. Consider donating money or goods to food banks or local charities. They need your money more than ever right now.
  40. Take some time to reflect. What have you accomplished recently? New goals to set? Want to improve?

I know that this time is hard for a lot of people. If you’re struggling then please reach out to someone. You can message a family member or friend, seek professional help or you could simply chat to me for a bit. I’m always up for a chat!

5 thoughts on “40 Things To Do Inside During Quarantine

  1. So many great ideas! Iโ€™ve been tempted to dye my hair and you might have encouraged me more ๐Ÿ˜‚ Which ones are you focusing on the most based on this list?


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