The best thing about Animal Crossing: New Horizons is that there’s something new to do every day. As well as those new tasks, you can complete some daily checklist tasks. These tasks will help you make the most of my time on your island. Many of these tasks can be completed everyday so it’s pretty easy to create a routine out of these.

You don’t have to do all of these everyday because you’ll find that some of these work well for your island well but others just don’t work for you. That’s why I love Animal Crossing though. Everyone plays for them and you can play at your own pace. It’s just such a calming game.

Onto the daily tasks…

Check your mail. As you load the game, you will walkout your home and they is the perfect time to check your mail. You might find presents, letters or things that you ordered in there. It’s always a lovely way to start the game by reading a letter from a friend or receiving a present.

Change your outfits. This is my favourite thing about the game. Every single morning, I head straight to my wardrobe to change my outfit, take a screenshot and post to my Twitter. I have been enjoying trying new styles everyday and it’s even made me want to try new styles in real life too.

Talk to villagers. Make sure that you check in with your villagers daily. It’s the key to forming happy friendships. Those friendships can lead to villagers giving you recipes, presents or even rare items. It also stops them from trying to leave too. Honestly, I just enjoy talking to villagers anyway because they are just so cute.

Smack your rocks. You’ll find grey rocks dotted all over your island. If you grab a shovel or axe then I recommend that you hit them as much as you can. The rocks will give off materials like iron nuggets, rocks and clay. Sometimes they even give you gold nuggets. These materials will be pretty handy throughout the game.

Find the glowing spot. Each day, you will find a glowing spot somewhere on your island. By digging up this glowing spot, you will find 1,000 bells. You can keep these bells or you can actually bury bells back in the hole and eventually a money tree will grow where you will get x3 whatever you buried. It’s a fund little way of making some extra bells.

Collect your fossils. There will be four cracks on the floor of your island everyday. If you dig up these holes, you will find a fossil in each of them. You can then take them to Blathers at the museum for appraisal. Once he has assessed them, you can donate them to the museum or sell them to Timmy and Tommy for bells. You could even keep them for display around your island if you wanted.

Use the Nook Stop terminal. Checking in with the Nook Stop terminal in Resident Services to get Nook Miles bonuses. As you check in everyday, your bonus will go up. Once you hit seven consecutive days, you will get 300 Nook Miles and this will continue for future check ins.

How do you start your day in Animal Crossing? Do you have a routine? Anything I’ve missed from this list?

4 responses to “My Animal Crossing: New Horizons Daily Checklist”

  1. 🐮💗Michelle✨🎀 (@MooeyAndFriends) Avatar

    Love this post! I like to walk around the beach to collect shells and go shake my fruit trees to make extra cash, check out the shops for new items, and I try to pay off a little bit of my house loan or any bridges or uphills I need to pay off. ♥


  2. jenrosewrites Avatar

    Love this post! I feel like I’m the only person without a Switch and this game but I’ll get it one day I’m sure 😂. I’m loving seeing people’s characters and houses though, the game looks incredible. Hope you’re having fun with it.


  3. Ellie Phillips Avatar
    Ellie Phillips

    I’ve never really thought about my daily routine but i guess we all have it, i tend to check mail, go to nook stop, talk to villagers and then collect fruit and neglect everything else but i might make a lil checklist on my phone! I don’t change my outfits as much as i want to either!!


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