Animal Crossing: New Horizons hasn’t even been out for a month yet and here I am, ready to talk about the dark side of a nice thing.

Animal Crossing has always been such a cheerful and calming game, but does something more sinister lie beneath its cheerful exterior?

Let’s talk about some fan theories..

You’re just a narcissist.

This theory is based off the idea that you’re living in a normal town, but you only see and care about things that are related to you. Any changes that you notice are because you built them. You see your neighbours as animals because that is all they are to you. The museum isn’t even half empty, you’re just only seeing the fish, bugs and fossils that you donated because you only care about yourself.

K.K. Slider is an unstoppable nudist.

All of your villagers are wearing clothes. You are wearing clothes. So why isn’t K.K. Slider? He rocks up to your island with everything out and just a guitar to cover his ‘bits’ but why isn’t he wearing clothes?! Most villagers are even wearing socks but K.K. Slider didn’t even bother to wear a collar. The lovable pup is just a straight up nudist.

Someone is out to kill Gulliver.

First time Gulliver floats up on the island? Weird but okay. Second time? What the heck. Third time? This is getting suspicious. Sure helping Gulliver to fix his communicator is fun and you get a present for helping but surely you have to be wondering why this keeps happening to him. Not even the clumsiest person could end up washed up on an island every few days. His shipmates never rush to pick him up either. Are they trying to kill him?

A Stockholm syndrome situation.

One of the most popular theories is that you were kidnapped and forced to stay in the town until you pay off your never-ending debt to Tom Nook. And when you do pay it off, you experience Stockholm syndrome and decide you like it there.

The Nook economy is built on child labour.

Timmy and Tommy are children. Daisy Mae is a child. Why are three children running such important parts of the island’s businesses? To make this even worse, Nooks Cranny is open from 8am to 10pm and they don’t get a single break in that time. 14 hours on their feet, every single day. Someone save these children.

There’s so many more theories but these ones are definitely my favourite. Do you know any other fun fan theories? Do you think any of these are real? Which of these theories is your favourite?

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  1. alltheusernameareout Avatar

    You just made me see animal crossing in a whole new different way!

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