My mental health sucks right now. Lockdown is draining me and I feel like I’m stuck. Right now, my main way of making myself feel less glum is listening to some motivating, spirt lifting, happy, positive songs.

Music has a weird way of making you completely change your mood and it can even give you courage that you didn’t know that you had. That is why I think that music is more important than ever right now.

I’m not sure if your mental health sucks too but I do know that a positive and uplifting playlist is great all of the time. It’s just especially great when your mental health isn’t at it’s best.

So, here’s a playlist that might help you feel a little better and might lift your spirts, even if it’s only a tiny bit.

♡ Life Afraid by Set It Off ♡
♡ Hold On by Twin Atlantic ♡
♡ Sum Of Our Parts by Mary Lambert ♡
♡ I’m Still Standing by Elton John ♡
♡ Celebrate You by Corbin Bleu ♡
♡ I Love Me by Demi Lovato ♡
♡ Kings & Queens by Ava max ♡
♡ Get Back Up Again by Anna Kendrick ♡
♡ Fight Songs by Rachel Platten ♡
♡ Upside Down by Paloma Faith ♡
♡ Be OK by Ingrid Michaelson ♡
♡ Sweet Creature by Harry Styles ♡
♡ Moments Like This by The Afters ♡
♡ Rise Up by Andra Day ♡

If you wanted to check out these songs and more, then I have a playlist on Spotify that might be worth checking out.

There’s so many reasons to recover and music is just one of them. Keep fighting.

5 responses to “A Playlist For Mental Health Recovery”

  1. Aubrey @ The Shelf Life Chronicles Avatar

    Such an uplifting playlist I love it!


  2. Emma James Avatar

    You’ve made me want to listen to Fight Song now haha. Love all of these. Great post!


  3. Erin Avatar

    I love the concept behind this! I bet it’s a good idea in a typical time, but especially so right now: where some people who might not be overly affected by mental health but now, during lock-downs and quarantines, are really feeling some difficulties. I’ll have to check out some of these songs 🙂

    Erin /


  4. raed30 Avatar

    Very original post! I believe so much in music therapy


  5. hsiller77 Avatar

    As a mental health professional and advocate I’m a huge fan of creating mental health play lists!


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