Disney is a huge part of my life. I love nothing more than visiting a Disney park, watching a Disney film or cuddling a Disney plush.

I recently realise that I don’t really talk about Disney a lot on this blog, even though it’s so important to me. It’s probably because there’s so many other amazing Disney bloggers out there who have much more interesting Disney related things to say than I do. However, if we didn’t do something because someone else might be better, then we would probably never get anything done at all. So, here I am, talking about Disney.

When I was trying to thing of what Disney themed post I could write, I remembered reading a few posts about a year ago from other bloggers. They were all sharing their Disney confessions. I figured that I would have a go at doing the same.

So, here are my Disney confessions. No judgement, please.

I didn’t grow up as a Disney fan.

I figured that I would start with this one because it’s the one that shocks people the most. It also happens to be the confession that I’m most embarrassed off. It’s not even embarrassing but people tend to find it weird. Pretty much every Disney fan that I speak to tells me how they visited the parks as a kid or how they have early memories of watching Disney films. Well, I can’t relate. I remember occasionally watching Monsters Inc as a kid but I didn’t know it was Disney. I didn’t even know what Disney was. I know, it’s wild!

I don’t enjoy a lot of the classic Disney tunes.

This is probably super controversial but a lot of the older Disney classic songs are so annoying. For example, Under The Sea from The Little Mermaid is so overrated and it makes me annoyed whenever I hear it. If you enjoy it then great but please don’t play it for me or I might scream. I do love a lot of the newer Disney songs though. I even enjoy some of the older songs. I definitely love Colors Of The Wind from Pocahontas and a few others though.

I didn’t visit a Disney park until I was 20 years old.

We didn’t travel abroad in my family so I never went to a Disney park or even on a plane at all. Once I was old enough to learn about Disney (about 11 years old) and I was asking to visit a Disney park, it just wasn’t affordable. Over the years, I kept dreaming of visiting a Disney park. I was lucky that when I met Simon, he wanted to visit one too so we saved up for a trip to Disneyland Paris for my 21st birthday. So yeah, my first ever holiday abroad was for a 5 day trip to Disneyland Paris for my 21st birthday. Pretty memorable in my eyes.

I don’t buy the latest Disney merch

Disney merch can be so expensive. If I was to buy everything that I wanted as it released then my bank account would combust. I do collect Disney plushes but I don’t tend to buy them as they release and I usually don’t buy the ‘limited edition’ releases either. I find it too stressful trying to keep up so I just buy whatever I like from the Disney store instead. It might be old merch but I don’t care because I like it and that’s what matters.

No matter how you choose to enjoy Disney, you are just as much of a fan as anyone else. The idea that someone else likes Disney more because they are always at the parks (lucky) and constantly keep up to date with buying all the merch is a load of rubbish. Even if you just enjoy the watching a Disney film once a week and you don’t have any intention of going to a Disney park, you are still welcome to call yourself a Disney fan. No gatekeeping here, please.

Do you have any Disney confessions? What’s your favourite Disney film?

4 responses to “Confessions Of A Disney Addict”

  1. buckeyesandbroomsticks Avatar

    The Emperor’s New Groove, Sword in the Stone, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, are my favorite movies, and Tailspin, Gooftroop, and Gargoyles was my favorite shows.
    I think thier best stuff is princess free, like Fox and the Hound, Brother Bear, Home on the Range, 101 Dalmatians, Oliver and Company, and Aristacats, to name a few.
    Most of Disney’s sequals are crap.
    And the most taboo confession of all, I think Dreamworks writes better stories overall.


  2. 🐮💗Michelle✨🎀 (@MooeyAndFriends) Avatar

    I didn’t have a favorite princess until Tangled was released. Whenever someone would ask me which was my favorite princess I would say Belle for no reason. I can relate to Rapunzel a lot which is why she’s my favorite! haha ♥



  3. Michael Kelly Avatar

    I find it weird that people think its weird that you didn’t grow up as Disney fan. We are all individuals and therefore how are are as fans will vary among us. Therefore no judgement on my part. It was nice to hear what being Disney fan is for you. Thank you for sharing that with us 🙂

    But for me, I was the other way around. I grew up a Disney fan, but no longer one. To me what was once exciting is kinda dull to me know. But that is just me.


  4. Hannah Beth Blogs Avatar

    Although I’ve been to Disneyland Paris a few times growing up, I definitely didn’t grow up watching the films either! Everyone is always most shocked when I saw I haven’t watched High School Musical 😂 loved this post! 💞


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