3 Free Apps I Can’t Get Enough Of

I am very much addicted to my phone. I think we all are at this point though. It’s crazy to think about how much our phones are capable of now. Back in the day, all my phone could do was make calls and play snake.

There are so many apps available now and it always feels like we are just looking for a new one to download. Well, look no further. Here are some apps that don’t cost a penny but will improve your life in one way or another.


I feel like I talk about this app way too much but I just can’t get enough of it. FreePrints is an app where you get 45 physical photos per month and you only pay for the postage. The postage never goes over £3.99 so it’s always super cheap. The quality of the photos are great too so it’s definitely an app that is worth checking out. If you sign up with my invite code ‘ejones1413’ then we both get 5 bonus free prints.


About a month ago, I asked the people of Twitter if they knew of an app that was similar to Goodreads but it was for films rather than books. Well, the Twitter people came through because they informed me of a couple of apps, one being Letterboxd. A lot of people had recommended this app so I downloaded it and it’s amazing. You can review films, create lists and you can keep a diary of what films you watched and when you watched them. Not only is it an app, but you can use it on a desktop too. You can also follow your friends on their too so be sure to follow me on Letterboxd.


Bumble is quickly becoming on of my favourite apps. Originally, I figured that Bumble was just a dating app but there’s also a BFF side where you can make new friends. I’ve spoken to some absolutely wonderful people on there and the app is super easy to use. I’m not very good at meeting people in real life so making new friends through an app is perfect for me.

What are the most used apps on your phone? Do you have a phone addiction too?

3 thoughts on “3 Free Apps I Can’t Get Enough Of

  1. Letterboxd and FreePrints sound right up my alley! And I didn’t realise Bumble had a friends section, too! I knew some apps tried a friends side but had never heard of their success. I’ll have to check those out (once my phone is don’t charging 😉 )!

    Erin / erinmacneil.blogspot.ca


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