How To Be More Productive On A Sunday

I remember when I used to have school or college on a Monday morning. It would make Sunday a very terrible day. It was usually the day that was spent catching up on work or getting ready for the next day.

Now that I’m an adult and no longer have homework to rush on a Sunday evening, I feel like I’m letting my Sundays go to waste. I just sit around and watch tv when I should be planning my week ahead or being a little bit more productive.

That’s why I’m deciding from this point on, Sundays will now be a day of productivity for me.

So, here are some ideas on how to be more productive on a Sunday..

♡ Set up a productive work environment. I find that if I try to focus on something while I’m in the living room, my focus completely disappears. I find it a lot easier to be productive when I’m sat at a table in a room on my own. It’s even easier when I head out to a cafe or the library to get some productivity in. The library is especially great because it’s free and they are practically everywhere.

♡ Plan your week ahead. This is my favourite thing to do at the moment. I just enjoy sitting down with my calendar and putting in all my appointments and keeping myself organised. As I’m trying to step up my productivity, I’m going to start doing this every Sunday so that I’m ready for the week ahead. I’ve been using the calendar on my phone as it syncs between my phone, iPad and MacBook which is great because then I can check it whenever I need to as I can guarantee that one of those will be with me at all times.

♡ Use the two minute rule. If it can be done in two minutes or less then do it right now. Seriously, stop putting it off and just flipping do it. Sometimes just the simple tasks are the ones that we don’t want to do the most so we put them off until they end up taking way longer than they should. That’s why you need to do the small jobs straight away. It will say you a lot of time later on.

♡ Ask for help if you need it. I used to be terrible at this because I hated people thinking that I couldn’t cope by myself. I would let things pile up and it ended up being way too much and I couldn’t cope in the end. I wish I could go back now and tell my younger self that it’s completely normal to ask for help. If you’ve got a lot on your plate or just simply can’t do something alone then don’t be afraid to ask someone to help you. No one will think less of you at all.

♡ Stay positive. Sometimes being productive can be tiring. It’s impossible to be productive all the time so give yourself time to rest and accept that you are trying which is what matters the most. Some days, you just need to relax and look after yourself.

How do you spend your Sundays? Do you tend to make them productive or do you like to relax?

2 thoughts on “How To Be More Productive On A Sunday

  1. These are some really useful tips! I recently moved into a flat with my partner and we’ve decided that Sunday’s are going to be our productive days where we get all our cleaning done and out the way. Although of course I would rather just relax haha!


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