My Social Media Strategies For 2021

Ah, social media. My favourite way to waste hours of my day.

Back at the start of 2020 (which feels like a lifetime ago), I shared my 2020 social media strategies. I’m not really sure if they helped me all that much during the year, but that’s not going to stop me from sharing my social media plans for 2021.

So, here’s my strategies for 2021..


Recently my relationship with Instagram has been going through a rough patch. I love scrolling through my feed and looking at the beautiful content that everyone is creating. However, when it comes to creating content for myself, I’m not happy with anything I upload.

Creating content has felt a lot harder during 2020 and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to become easier in 2021. I feel like I haven’t been doing enough stuff to take photos and I worry that content inside my home won’t be interesting enough.

But this is 2021 and it’s a whole new year.

So during 2021, my main goal with Instagram is to just experiment.

I want to create different kinds of content and see what performs better. I’m going to be sharing content about different topics and using different editing styles.

Another goal for my Instagram is to try out reels.

I know that Instagram Reels have been around for a few months now but I always felt like I didn’t have anything interesting to share on there. But that’s not going to stop me anymore. Now that I’m planning on experimenting with my Instagram, I feel more confident in the ideas of creating reels.


When it comes to Twitter, I’m actually pretty happy with the content that I have been creating.

My Twitter account has gradually been growing over the last year and I’m so happy about it. I started tweeting encouragement and positive tweets which were all perceived pretty well.

Since I love tweeting positivity and reminders, I don’t want to stop doing that in 2021. There are still a few things I hope to change about my Twitter in 2021 though. One of those things is consistency.

Twitter is probably my all time favourite social media account but I sometimes go through phases where I don’t post much. I hope that this will change. I’ll probably be scheduling a lot more tweets too so that I can be more active.

So that’s my main social media strategy for 2021. Do you have a social media strategy?

One thought on “My Social Media Strategies For 2021

  1. I love your positive tweets! I never know what to tweet myself and then the longer I leave it the more my tweets end up not getting noticed 😂 How do you decide what to tweet and do you schedule anything?

    I feel like your strategy for Instagram is good! And post things you love, then that way you’ll always enjoy what your doing and might not get bored of it. I love your content


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