As a single woman who has been through quite a few failed relationships, I feel like there are quite a lot of things I’ve learned now that I wish someone would have told me when I first started dating.

Back in June, I shared a post with you all where I explained that I was going through a break up. Since then I have been in and out of the dating scene and it just made me realise a few things that I felt like I should share.

Ask yourself: Do you even like them?

Whenever I found myself in the ‘talking stage’, I feel myself starting to worry about if they like me or not. However, what I should be doing is thinking about whether or not I like them. If they end up liking me then great, but I need to decide in my own mind how I feel about them.

Rejection isn’t personal

Dating tends to come with rejection. It’s hard but it’s just a part of it. Although being rejected can feel a bit rubbish, liking someone or being liked ultimately comes down to compatibility. So, try not to take the rejection as an insult, see it as one less person between you and your ideal partner. So, stop choosing what isn’t choosing you.

Know what you want

When heading into the dating scene, know what you’re looking for. Knowing what you want, will help you to set boundaries for yourself. Ask yourself what you are not willing to compromise on and what isn’t so much of a big deal to you. Once you know your needs, communicate them. Don’t keep your own wants and needs to yourself, be clear when talking to people.

Don’t lose yourself in someone else

Don’t become so consumed by the idea of a relationship that you lose who you are. Keep up with your own interests and hobbies. remember to always take some time out for yourself. Look after yourself and remember who you are.

Your dating life isn’t everything

Your love life is only one area of your life. When it comes down to it, if your dating life is negatively impacting other areas of your life, then you might need to take a step back and re-think things. Your wellbeing is the most important thing and your world isn’t going to end because you’re single. Look after all areas of your life.

What’s something that you wish someone told you about dating? Do you have any dating advice that we should all know?

10 responses to “Dating Advice I Wish Someone Gave Me”

  1. Louise Joy Avatar

    I agree with all of these points! I wish I’d accepted years ago that rejection isn’t personal. I’d always take it too personal and assume I wasn’t good enough, I tried too hard etc. Sometimes it’s as simple as your date just not ready to be with someone as awesome as you! Once you start seeing things in a different light, it gets a lot easier x


  2. Kevin Foodie Avatar

    The best dating advice i received was to love myself first ❤


  3. Emma James Avatar

    This is such great advice. And I really love the layout of this post!


  4. Hazel @ Pixie Dust Words Avatar

    I’m just now learning that “rejection isn’t personal” and I really wish someone had told me this when I was younger. It woulda saved me a lot of feelings lol.


  5. Katrina Adams Avatar

    Great post!! I wish I would have learned to not take everything so serious and have fun!!!


  6. The Digital Vixen Avatar

    The Digital Vixen @

    Yes, you are sooo right: I happen to be single too right now and although I don’t analyze too much a potential match, it seems that we are always learning something new: about ourselves, about the men we are dating, and about the societal trends also…
    Things seem to constantly change and especially now with the social distancing, it will be interesting to see how the dating scene will elvolve again…


  7. Avatar

    Great post with great advice!! Thanks for sharing ❤


  8. Erin Avatar

    I came upon this at a great time! I recently jointed a dating app, for the first time ever. I keep having to remind myself not to over-think things, but also to just take the plunge. Absolutely nothing is going to happen, especially on an app, if you don’t just try. And, like you said, rejection isn’t personal. You can’t make people like you, but you can at least make sure they know you’re interested and let it go from there!


  9. Casey Avatar

    Such great advice! I especially relate to thinking more if they like you and forgetting to check into your own feelings toward them. Thanks for the reminder.


  10. Crystal @ Sharinglifesmoments Avatar

    This is great advice. I think we tend to forget many of these things when we’re in the midst of the dating world.


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