Animal Crossing has become a huge part of my life again. I found myself getting bored of the game at the end of last year but I found myself loving it again in January.

Since I’ve started playing ACNH more again, I thought that it might be fun to show you all some screenshots of my home interior.

The Living Room

My living room is definitely not my normal style but I found myself loving the antique furniture in the game so I focused my living room decor around the antique furniture.

My Animal Crossing living room is so cosy, I just can’t get enough of it. I think that adding a lot of plants and green with the brown/orange of the antique furniture looks so warm and relaxing.

The Bedroom

My ACNH bedroom is probably one of my favourite rooms. There’s quite a few different sections in the bedroom but I think that they all add something to the overall look.

My bedroom looks so cute! I think everything goes together so perfectly and I’m so happy with it.

The Bathroom / Laundry Room

The bathroom was one of the hardest rooms for me to figure out how to decorate. I originally planned on it just being a bathroom but I realised that it was the perfect space to add a laundry area too.

The laundry area ended up being one of my favourite spaces. It looks so cute and it makes me want to doing laundry in real life (pfft, that feeling won’t last long).

The Kitchen

What house is complete without a kitchen?!

The Playroom

I feel like the playroom came from the fact that I have no idea where else to place in this room.

Honestly, it turned out pretty cute and it was a nice place to put all the pink kiddie stuff.

The YouTube Studio / Den

Basements are creepy..? Not in this house! I wanted to make my basement into a fun and creative space, so what better way to do that than with a YouTube studio.

I think the basement turned out pretty fun although I think I’m tempted to change the wallpaper.

So, what do you think of my ACNH home? Do you have any particular themes for your in-game home?

6 responses to “A Few Snaps of My Animal Crossing Home Interior”

  1. Fighting The War Inside My Body. Avatar

    I was thinking of buying this game, but thought it was just for the younger kids, im guessing its not so Il have a look into it


  2. Ellie Phillips Avatar
    Ellie Phillips

    Oooo yes girl animal crossing content!! Your interior is gorgeous!


  3. Magpiemakingdo Avatar

    OMG it’s so cohesive! My AC house is just like this awful random mishmash of stuff. I can never seem to get any furniture that matches!


  4. Emma James Avatar

    This looks amazing!


  5. Mei_Mei Avatar

    It really does look outstanding! I just started playing Animal Crossing New Horizons, so my house is pretty small right now. But this house of yours is really perfect in so many ways.


  6. Georgia Elise Avatar

    Your interior is amazing! You can really see how much work you put into it!


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