Animal Crossing X Build-A-Bear Collection ♡ My Predictions and Hopes

If you have read any post on this blog before, then you probably know that I absolutely love Animal Crossing. You probably also know that I love plushies. Add those two things together and you’ve just made my dreams come true.

So of course, when Build-A-Bear announced that they had an Animal Crossing colab coming, I couldn’t contain my excitement.

I thought it would be a pretty fun idea to talk about what I predict we will get from the range and what my hopes are.

So, let’s chat about what I think we will get…

I have extremely high hopes for this range. However, that doesn’t mean that it will turn out all that great.

We all know that we will probably be getting Isabelle and Tom Nook plushies. We might even get K.K. Slider and Timmy and Tommy too, but that could be a stretch.

Back when the Pokemon range came out, they brought out one plush at a time, so they might even plan to do that too. We could get getting a new villager every month or so.

But as I said, it might not turn out that great.

Now, let’s chat about my hopes…

I feel like I have a lot of wishes when it comes to this collection. As my hopes aren’t too high, it wouldn’t be too hard for Build-A-Bear to make this collection amazing.

One thing I really want for the collection is for there to be more characters than just Isabelle and Tom Nook. I know that they are the most known characters but we can already get merchandise of them.

I would love to see some of the popular characters made into plushies. However, it would be even better to see some of the less popular villagers as plushes. This probably isn’t a smart business move but I would love to see Tutu, Bones and Ketchup as plushes. They are some of my favourite villagers!

Another thing I would love to see is items that you can buy for your plushes. For example, I’d love to see a nook phone, fruit or even some tools that our plushes can hold.

What do you hope for from this collection? Is it something you plan on picking up?

3 thoughts on “Animal Crossing X Build-A-Bear Collection ♡ My Predictions and Hopes

  1. Oooo girl i hope you’re reading for my opinions on this! Defo agree they’re 99.9% gonna do Tom Nook & Isabelle for sure, they’re like the mascots and everybody knows them! I was speaking to someone else about what i thought too and i think they’ll end up making the most popular characters like Raymond, Stitches, Fauna etc and i think they’ll have the adds on like you said like fruit, nook phone and maybe some tools? I’d love to see a Celeste plush and Timmy and Tommy too but again they’re only gonna do whats profitable so unfortunately i cant see my favourite characters becoming plushies (ozzie and dizzy)! But it could go either way and we could really surprised! I’ve not really seen many other build a bear collabs so dont know what its gonna be like but from the pokemon thing how they released one at a time, i hope not!! I wonder if they’re bring out animal crossing clothing for your current bears too! ahh i am excited to see when its coming out and what its gonna be like!


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