Twitter is probably my all-time favourite social media. Instagram is great, don’t get me wrong. But on Twitter, I can tweet random rubbish and there’s no pressure to make it perfect like I sometimes feel with Instagram.

One of my favourite things about Twitter is how quickly it moves. I love that one second I can tweet about a film and the next second I can tweet about travel. There’s not really much pressure to niche down on Twitter and I just love that. If you’ve been to my blog before then you’ve probably noticed that finding a niche isn’t my strong point.

So yeah, Twitter is fun, good for growing your online brand and it’s a fab way to make some new friends too. But… what do you tweet about when you feel like you have nothing to say?

Gratitude lists. There’s nothing that I like to Tweet about more than the things that make me happy each day. I love making a mini gratitude list and tweeting it out. You never know, it might encourage someone else to look back at their own day more positively too.

Ask a question. People on Twitter are full of opinions and advice so if you’re open to hearing many kinds of answers, then Twitter is a great place to ask questions.

Share a quote. Quotes can be motivating, funny, or even relatable. You can even use the #QOTD hashtag for more people to see your shared quote.

Post a selfie. Show us your beautiful, smiling faces!

Share a hack or tip from your industry. If you know a way of helping people succeed then share it with the world. Sharing is caring.

Post a ‘This or That’ poll. People love polls and Twitter makes them anonymous so it’s a great way to ask fun (and possibly embarrassing or more private) questions. You can also ask your followers to explain their answers in the replies. It’s a great way to boost engagement and make friends.

Promote small businesses. If you buy something from a smaller business and you love it, why not show your followers and tell them where they can get it for themselves.

Share your latest blog post. If you’ve just published a blog post then why not share it on Twitter for your followers to check out.

Talk about your dreams. Woke up from a cool dream? Tell us about it!

List your goals. I think that most people set goals these days. So, why not share your goals with your Twitter followers? You could share your weekly goals or even your lifetime goals. The possibility of goal sharing is endless.

Share a resource. Don’t keep those handy, valuable resources all to yourself. Share them!

Thank your followers. You can send out a tweet to thank all of your followers or you can send a specific shoutout to thank some of the followers who are always supporting you and your posts.

Mini review. Watched a film? Read a book? Played a game? Visited somewhere? Share your thoughts in a mini-review. You might be able to share some great recommendations from this.

Celebrate an achievement. We achieve smaller things all the time without really stopping to think about how well we are doing. Well now we won’t be doing that, we will be sharing our wins. Just don’t forget to share the big wins too. We just want to see everyone succeeding.

Participate in hashtags. There are quite a few hashtags that you will see trending on certain days. There’s #ThrowbackThursday, #MondayMotivation, #DUND, and a lot of others too. Joining in might help to grow your profile and it can be fun too.

Share a gif. When words won’t cover it, a gif will.

Join Twitter chats. I used to participate in Twitter chats daily and they were so much fun. Unfortunately, I don’t have as much time to do them now but there are many chats just floating around for people to join in.

Show a behind-the-scenes photo. You can show a hint of a project or a photo of your desk.

Post your Twitter analytics. People love to see how other people are doing. Let’s face it, we humans are all very nosey. You can encourage your followers to give advice or share their own stats too. It might be a great learning opportunity.

Run a giveaway. This isn’t doable for everyone but they can be fun. You could giveaway a gift card, items or a service. Your followers can retweet your giveaway and this will help boost your engagement on Twitter too.

Link a funny video. The internet is full of funny videos whether it’s on YouTube, TikTok, or anything in between. So if it makes you laugh, share it for someone else to laugh about too.

Retweet someone else. Are you still struggling even after reading this post? Maybe it’s time you got more comfortable with retweeting. There’s so much great content over on Twitter that you’ll never run out of things to retweet.

So, tell me. What do you Tweet about when you can’t think of a tweet idea? Do you plan on using any of these ideas? If you have more ideas then please share those here too. Let’s all learn together!

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