5 Youtubers I’ve Been Loving Lately

I accidentally developed a Youtube obsession. It all started when I decided to waste a bit of time during these never ending lockdowns. What started as a time waster, has turned into a favourite part of my day. It sounds silly but I just love getting into bed in the evening and watching some of my favourite youtubers.

Recently I’ve been watching a lot of videos about vintage fashion, cottagecore, books and home decor. I do love other types of content too and I will watch all sorts, but those are the most common for me to watch recently.

Anyway, here are some of the youtubers that I’ve been watching recently..

Rachel Maksy

Rachel Maksy is the absolute queen of vintage fashion. She does cosplay videos, recreates outfits from films and she has a great sense of humour. I started watching her channel when I came across her video where she recreated the iconic strawberry dress but made it Halloween themed. It’s so calming to watch Rachel Maksy sewing but my favourite things about her channel are the jokes, memes and the movie references. If you like vintage fashion and cosplay, then Rachel maksy is definitely someone who I recommend you check out.

Darling Desi

Oh my, where do I even start..? Darling Desi is so wholesome and welcoming. Whenever I feel like I need to watch something comforting, Darling Desi is always there. My favourite video of hers is all about romanticising your life and being the main character. Her videos mostly focus on cottagecore, reading and feeling cosy. She recently hit 100k subscribers and I’m so happy for her and can’t wait to see what she does next.

Salinda Nichols

Salinda Nichols makes the most elegant and beautiful content. She focuses on making vintage fashion based videos and her editing is amazing. Her videos are so relaxing to watch and they always make me smile. She recently made a gingham dress from a picnic blanket and it was beautiful. Salinda Nichols is a smaller youtuber but she really does deserve so many more subscribers. You can see how much effort she puts into each video.


If you want to watch some content that makes you want to run away to a forest and live life as a fairy then you definitely need to check out TheCottageFairy. Her content is so wholesome and her voice is so soothing. She shares stories about her life living in a cottage in rural Washington State. She makes beautiful art and shares a lovely life with her animals. She recently shared her cottage tour and it was absolutely beautiful.

Madeleine Olivia

Madeleine Olivia is one of the newest youtubers that I started watching. I came across her house tour video and it all went from there. She views life in such a beautiful way that it’s hard to not feel good when watching her videos. She recently moved into a beautiful new home and her home videos are some of my absolute favourites. She is also a vegan and posts vegan content for all the vegans out there. Whether you’re vegan or not, her content is still enjoyable and she makes everything look so yummy.

There’s so many amazing youtubers out there who put so much work into their channel. It’s always nice to be able to support youtubers and watch fun content at the same time.

So that brings me to a question, which youtubers have you been watching recently?

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