I came home from town one day to see that The Modern Milkman had posted a flyer through the door about their service. I usually ignore that kind of stuff but I was intrigued so I looked up their website.

They seemed to have all the daily essentials that anyone can need. And it was all plastic free!

Since it seemed so great, I couldn’t help but place an order.

I placed my order on Wednesday and requested for my first delivery to be on the Friday.

Their website had everything from milk to bread. They even had brownies, which I’d like to try one day.

For my first order, I decided to keep it simple. I ordered two bottles of milk (one skimmed and one semi-skimmed), apple juice, tropical juice, lemonade and banana milkshake.

Placing my order

Placing an order was so simple. It was just like any other online shopping experience and they even had a couple of easy extra steps to help you feel reassured that your delivery would arrive smoothly. I added everything that I wanted to my cart and headed to checkout. Payment was simple and they had some steps to have sure that the driver could find your property. You get to see a map of your street and you place the ‘pin’ on your home. You can them add any delivery instructions. This means that your home is easy to find and the driver will know exactly what to do with your delivery.

The delivery

Friday morning arrived and I woke up at 5:30am to find that my delivery was already sat on my doorstep. It was right in front of my front door so it was easy to find and all I had to do was grab it and bring it in. I didn’t even have to talk to anyone which is great because I’m usually grumpy in the morning and no one should have to deal with that!

The products

I was so excited to try all the products and they definitely didn’t let me down. Everything tasted just as good, if not better, than what you would buy in a supermarket. Only these products give you the satisfaction of knowing that you’re not using plastic which is helping the planet.

Overall, I would definitely recommend that you check out The Modern Milkman. They are doing great things and I hope that their business just continues to grow.

Have you ever used a milkman service? Would you consider trying The Modern Milkman?

2 responses to “Trying The Modern Milkman Service ♡ Is It Worth It?”

  1. Sophie Harriet Avatar

    I love that this service is plastic free! My family already uses a milkman service and I’m always surprised by the number of different things they sell in addition to milk. xx


  2. Zita Norton Avatar

    This is so wonderful! I remember my parents getting milk bottles delivered when we lived in the UK in the 90s. It’s a big thing I miss living in Aus. 💜


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