I have weird dreams. A lot of weird dreams. In fact, I can’t even think of the last time that one of my dreams wasn’t weird.

I love the idea of keeping a dream journal but I’m so lazy. So, I decided to share a couple of my weird dreams here on my blog instead.

John Cena tries to set me on fire for ruining his talkshow

It all started when I found myself in the audience of a talkshow. The show was basically just John Cena on a stage talking. Pretty basic stuff. The only catch was that no one could see him. If you’re a fan of WWE then you will probably know where that came from. John Cena was chatting away and everyone in the audience was happily looking at what they could see an an empty stage. However, all of a sudden, I could see John Cena on the stage.

For some unknown reason, I decided to call out to John Cena that I could see him. He got so angry with me for ruining his show that his feet turned into jetpacks and his flew right over to me. He pulled a ninja star out of his pocket but it was odd because the ninja star was covered in flames.

John Cena threw the ninja star but it missed me. I was lucky because the area that it hit had burst into flames. I started running and John Cena started flying after me. He kept throwing ninja stars at me and I just kept on running.

Then I woke up.

The BFG wasn’t so friendly… and was also a woman

The food shopping needed to be done so I popped into Tesco. I was looking at some kind of food when I noticed that a huge black figure walked past the window. I ran outside to see and it turned out to be a huge lady. I shouted that she should marry the BFG and she got angry because she didn’t want people to think she was friendly. Everyone in the car park started running around in circles and I ran to an outdoor swimming pool which was next to the car park.

The woman was following me so I jumped into the pool and found some stairs at the bottom of the pool. I tried to swim down them but it was hard because the water kept turning into slime. Eventually I got down and I found a hidden room. I knocked on the door and the BFG answered. I asked him why there was an angry giant outside and he said that she was hungry.

The BFG let me hide with him until the angry, giant lady found herself something to eat.

Then I woke up.

Do you have weird dreams often? I love hearing people’s weird dreams!

2 responses to “Some Of My Weird Dreams That I Felt Like Sharing For No Real Reason”

  1. Kim Carberry Avatar

    hahaha! Reading about John Cena made me think of a dream I had recently. I was on a massive aeroplane and I’d been hired to be a hitman. Killing people but when I had killed them I had to tell Bautista from the WWE to give them a Covid test, he did and then threw them out of the plane if negative. lol
    Your dreams are crazy. Almost nightmares. Eek x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eleanor Avatar

      Your dream sounds so funny! 😂


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