A Slow-Living Playlist To Help You Relax

In such a fast paced world, it can be nice to just slow down sometimes.

Music can be an important part of the slow living lifestyle. It gives us a way to escape into a peaceful mindset for a bit, and it can give us clarity. Different music genres can make you feel different kinds of ways and that’s what I love about having a slow living playlist.

My favourite time of day to list to my slow-living playlist is in the morning. But that doesn’t meant that it’s the only time I’ll listen to it. I love to hit play when I need to calm myself or relax for a bit. Sometimes days can be challenging and some calming songs are the perfect way to help.

Whether you start the morning with a slow living playlist and follow your morning routine while enjoying the moment, or you listen to the playlist at the end of the day to help you relax just before bed, slow music is perfect to help you be in the moment.

Check out my Slow Living Spotify Playlist…

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