Since buying a Dymo Label Maker, I’ve been feeling the need to label absolutely everything. At first I was just enjoying labelling everything with what they are but then I started to wonder if the Dymo label maker (or any label maker really) had more uses.

I love to get creative so when I started to think of uses for my label maker, I wanted to think of some ideas that weren’t just labeling things. Of course, labelling things will always but fun. But sometimes, you’ve just got to get creative and try some new things.

That’s how I came up with some creative uses for a label maker.

So, here’re some ways that you can great creative with a label maker…

Gift Wrap

I love buying and making gifts for people. Seeing people’s happy faces when they open their gifts always makes me feel warm and happy inside. Since gifts often come wrapped, I figured that a label maker would be a great way to customise the gifts that you give to people. There’s endless possibilities with it too. You could write their name, a pun, the event, a quote or simply just random letters that mean absolutely nothing if you really feel the need to. Another great things about this is you can choose how to use the label you’ve made. You might wish to wrap the gift and then add the labels. However, I had an idea that you could actually use the labels you make as tape for the wrapping itself. The only probably with these ideas if that the gift might look a bit to lovely too open when you actually gift it.


Okay, I know that the title of this post says ‘creative uses’ but I genuinely believe that you can great creative when you label things too. Labelling all the storage containers, drawers, cupboards, and even bits and bobs that are lying around can be fun but to make this more creative, you can add a little pun with the label. I’m absolutely terrible at coming up with jokes and puns but as an example, you could label a coffee corner/section as ‘Espresso Yourself’ rather than just ‘coffee’. Gosh that was terrible, but hopefully you get my point. Someone with a more creative mind than mine will probably have so many great ideas for this, but even if you just add terrible jokes around, you might make yourself smile when you need a pick-me-up one day in the future.

Language Learning

If you had told me that a label maker could help you learn a new language then I’d probably have just laughed. But now that I’m really thinking about it, a label maker is a great way for you to see the words you need to learn as you go about your daily life. You can start by simply labelling the items you use most with their name in your chosen language. Then go about your daily life. That way, the more you use the labeled item, the more you’ll see the translation which should help it stick in your head.

Cords and cables

Messy cords and cables can be a nightmare. I feel like everyone has found themselves with tangled cords or on a hunt for a certain plug at some point in their life. No one wants to find themselves in that situation, and this is where labels can help. You can use your label maker to label the plug which means you’ll always be able to find and turn on the correct one in the future. No more turning on the toaster instead of the kettle. Another way of using labels to organise cords is by wrapping a label around each cord so it’s easier to find in the future. By doing this, it should be a lot easier to find that Micro USB or Lightning Charger next time you need them.

Glass identification at a party/gathering

I can’t decide if this idea is genius or a bit dumb, but I’m going to share it with you anyway. You know how when people are all drinking and putting glasses down everywhere? Well you can make it easier for everyone to identify their glasses again by sticking a label with their name onto the glass. Now everyone can find their glass again with ease and no one has to worry about germs. Although, I would hope that you don’t surround yourselves with germy people..


If you’re anything like me and you forget absolutely everything, then having little reminders around your home can be a great way to remind yourself of things. You could have a mini checklist on your door that you check before leaving the house. Simply put a label saying ‘keys? phone? purse?’ and then you’ll always have the reminder. You can use this system to make sure that you never forget anything important ever again. Another way of using a label maker as a reminder is by printing positive affirmations or quotes for yourself. Remind yourself that you are awesome. Stick a label to your mirror to remind yourself that you’re beautiful. Stick a label to your wardrobe to remind yourself to dress however you want to. Use your labels to remind yourself that you are about to have a great day.

So, there you have it. Those were my more creative ideas for using a label maker.

Do you have a label maker? Do you know of any other ways to use a label maker creatively?

One response to “6 Creative Uses For Label Makers”

  1. rdfranciswriter Avatar

    When these first came out . . . they were all the rage. It was something you got under the tree (that you put on your X-Mas list) with your first red LED digital watch (that told only the time; what? press the button, there’s the date!) and your TI 1200 calculator (four function, no memory).

    Anyway, every school book — bound in a grocery paper bag — got a label (“History!). Every duo-tang folder: labeled by the class it was for. Good times! Fun read.


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