With Christmas being just around the corner, we will all see plenty of wishlists that are filled with items we want. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But what about a gift for someone who wants to have a clutter-free Christmas? Or a gift for someone who already has everything?

This is where a non-material gift could be a great option!

Of course, not all ‘things’ are bad. We need things to live and we have things in our lives that just make us happy. There’s so many material gift options and these are great for gift giving. You could give someone a gift that will help them in their daily life, or you could make something yourself.

But when it comes to gifts, non-material gifts can be a great idea and luckily, there’s plenty of options.

Here’s some non-material gift ideas for you to ‘give’ this Christmas:

Gifts ideas for entertainment:

Concert tickets – I don’t think I know a single person who doesn’t like music. If you know what kind of music they are into then concert tickets are a great option. You could buy the tickets for them and let them choose who to take, or you could buy yourself a ticket too and use it as a day to treat them.

Bowling – I feel like bowling is always a good idea because it doesn’t matter if you’re skilled or not, you can just put the gutters up, bowl, have some drinks and have a laugh.

Escape room – This isn’t something I have ever done personally but I hear great things. If you’re not sure what an escape room is, then it’s basically where you get ‘trapped’ in a room with a group and you need to find clues to get out within a certain time. They are great for team building and working together and can be a great laugh too.

Book a trip away – Who doesn’t love a holiday?! There’s so many beautiful places to visit in the world and a holiday gift could mean you and them could have the trip of a lifetime. It’s also a great option as you can make it as cheap or expensive as you wish.

Cinema tickets – If you need a gift for the movie lover if your life, cinema tickets could be a great option. If you feel like splashing out, most cinemas offer a yearly pass that you could treat someone to.

Netflix subscription – This is a gift that anyone would be thankful for. You could add a little watchlist on a note too with all your recommendations.

Gifts ideas for learning:

An online course – Online courses can make great gifts as they can be completely personalised for the gift receiver. You could find a craft course, a cooking course, or even a language course. Think about what the person is into and go from there. There’s plenty of online courses that completely range in price so I’m sure there will be something.

Workshop experience – This is similar to an online course but a workshop will mean that they will have somewhere to go with other people and it will bring a social aspect with it too. Workshops provide a great opportunity to learn and expand on skills. I’m sure that any gift receiver would be grateful to learn more.

Museum membership – Visiting a museum can be super educational. If you need a gift for someone who likes history then this might be a great idea.

An eBook – If we were going for physical gifts then I would recommend a book about a subject they care about, but since we are going for non-material gifts, we will say eBook. There’s so many eBooks out there so you’ll be sure to find something that will make a great gift.

A Skillshare subscription – A great way for someone to learn new skills and expend on their current skills is by using Skillshare. As a gift, you could purchase a Skillshare membership and they can learn for the rest of the year.

Gifts ideas for relaxation:

Spa trip – A trip to a spa with a friend is never a bad idea. Book them in for a spa day and I’m sure they will feel relaxed.

Meditation class – If you know someone who is isn’t mindfulness, a meditation class could be a great option. There’s group classes and online classes. You can think about what they would like more and go from there.

Yoga class – If you need a gift for the fitness fanatic in your life, a yoga class is a great idea. Once again, you could find an online class or a group class. So many options.

Yoga retreat – Similar to the class but this one might cost a lot more. If you want to spend a few days doing yoga with a friend then they is a great option too.

Gift ideas for practical people:

Gym pass – Gym memberships can be pricey so you could get them a membership or pass so they can workout without worrying about the cost.

Bus or train pass – Most people end up using public transport more often than they would like. The price can start to add up and that’s why giving someone a bus or train pass can be a great practical gift.

Gift cards – No matter how much people might try to fight it, we all have to buy things. If you want to get someone a gift that is helpful for their life then you could get them a gift card for somewhere that they will need to shop from anyway. A great option is a supermarket gift voucher.

Gifts ideas for sentimental people:

Donate in their name – If there’s a charity that is close to their heart, make a donation in their name and let them know.

Home movie – If you have access to video clips from their lives or memories that you made together, you can make a short video sharing all your favourite moments. Just get some tissues ready.

Have you ever given someone a gift that wasn’t a ‘thing’? If non-material gift giving something that you would be interested in?

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