It’s my 25th birthday today! And what better way to celebrate a birthday than by talking about the things we are grateful for?

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Practising gratitude is a great way to help you feel happier in life. I often forget to look on the more positive side and I’m sure many others do too. Life can get in the way and we forget to take a moment to appreciate everything we have.

However, today is my birthday so it’s the perfect time for me to reflect on all the things I’m grateful for.

  1. The first sip of tea in the morning. Especially if that morning is during the cooler seasons.
  2. Getting lost for hours in a magical book.
  3. Friends that are there for you in both the good times and the bad.
  4. The softness of your hair when it has just been freshly washed.
  5. When a car stops for you to cross a busy road.
  6. The warmth of a blanket on a cold day.
  7. When someone tells you that they are proud of you.
  8. Laughing until your tummy hurts. It’s even better if someone else is there too.
  9. The feeling when you take a step back to look at a finished project that you’ve put a lot of work into.
  10. Streaming servives that allow me to binge-watch my favourite shows for hours.
  11. The cosy feeling of getting into bed at night.
  12. Compliments from strangers.
  13. The convenience of online shops.
  14. The fact that highstreet shops are still avalible to browse around.
  15. Finding a medical professional who makes you feel heard and does everything they can to help.
  16. Putting on your favouurite pyjamas after a long day.
  17. Online friendships.
  18. Finding the perfet playlist for any moment.
  19. Libraries that are full of books and inspire you to read.
  20. Friendly neighbours who say hello when you walk part each other on the street.
  21. Always finding the inner strength to keep going.
  22. Going to an events that you’ve been waiting months for.
  23. Finding something that I thought was lost.
  24. Life lessons I’ve learned along the way.
  25. Birthdays!!

What is something that you’re grateful for this year?

3 responses to “25 Things To Be Grateful For On My 25th Birthday”

  1. Kittie H Avatar

    What a fantastic way to celebrate your birthday! I enjoyed your list very much! I’m personally grateful I read your blog, it’s put me in such a pleasant mood.


  2. jerserry Avatar

    Happy birthday 🥳!


  3. Emma James Avatar

    This is such a lovely post! I hope you had a great birthday.


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