Winter can be a pretty difficult time of year for many people. The days are shorter and the weather is colder. But that doesn’t mean there are not beautiful parts of Winter too.

It can be harder to see the beauty in life during the shorter days, but that’s just even more of a reason to find joy in the small moments. We need to romanticise those little moments in life that we usually rush through. Slow down and take a second to appreciate those little, magical moments that Winter offers us.

So, here are six things that you already do or can incorporate into your daily life this winter to make things a little more lovely.

Sipping hot chocolate. There really is no drink that’s more enjoyable than hot chocolate. What’s not to love? A cosy drink that is chocolate flavoured? Absolute bliss. It’s made even better by all the amazing ways you can have your hot chocolate these days. You can make them at home and add as many toppings as you can, or try some of the different flavours that coffee shops offer. My absolute favourite is the Black Forest Hot Chocolate from Costa. It really can’t be beaten.

Sliding across the floor in your fuzzy socks. Life testing you? Are people being annoying? Feeling overwhelmed? Well, I have an answer (or temporary distraction) for that. Take off your shoes, find the fluffiest socks you own and slide across the nearest hard flooring. If you don’t have access to hard flooring, grab a chair on wheels and have a chair race with your pals. Let your inner child be free!

Wrapping yourself up in a blanket. I’m fully convinced that blankets are magical. Wrapping yourself in a soft blankets feels like a warm hug from a friend and it truly can’t be beaten.

Cuddling up with someone to keep warm. Not everyone likes cuddles, but if you do then grab your partner or friends, get cuddled up on the sofa and read a book or watch a film. It sounds absolutely perfect.

Wrapping your cold hands around a hot drink. We all know the feeling of cold fingers. You’ve probably even put your cold hands on someone’s face and said ‘feel how cold my hands are’. Surely I’m not the only one who used to do that..? But cold hands are easily warmed by a nice hot drink.

Listening to the frost and snow crunch under your feet as you walk. One of the best things about Autumn is crunching leaves, but why should we let that only be an Autumn thing? Why shouldn’t we listen to the crunch of ice and snow in the winter? Crunching snow sounds lovely and we should all appreciate it.

I know that not everyone enjoys the cold months, but even if you can find just a couple of moments of happiness then it’s better than none.

What do you enjoy about Winter? Anything that you would add to this list?

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