While I’ve been away from my blog for a little bit, one of the things I spent more time doing was journaling. More specifically, digitally journaling.

Journaling has been such a relaxing way for me to create without putting too much pressure on myself. I’ve found it almost therapeutic to sit with my iPad and apple pencil and create scrapbook-style journal pages.

I thought it would be a nice idea to share some of my journal pages here to help you get ideas for your own journal.

Here are some of my digital journal pages:

Do you keep a journal, whether it’s digital or physical?

4 responses to “Some of My Digital Journal Pages”

  1. Hazel Vee Avatar

    I miss digital journaling… I should get back to it!


  2. Stephanie Avatar

    I keep a physical bullet journal that I use in kind of the same way you do, mostly tracking reading and blogging stuff. I love paper, but wanted to get more into seeing what I can do with my iPad. What program do you use? It looks amazing! I love all the little details you added


    1. Eleanor Avatar

      Thank you! I use Goodnotes to create my journal pages and get a lot of digital stickers from Pinterest

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      1. Stephanie Avatar

        Oh cool! I did get Goodnotes when I bought my iPad, but I was terrible at it and immediately gave up lol. Yours is impressive!


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