6 Things I’ve Learned From Reading Anne of Green Gables

I completely fell in love with Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. You’ve probably read the books, watched a film adaptation or watched the Netflix series, Anne with an E before. If not, you will probably have heard of Anne of Green Gables before. It’s a classic!

The whole series teaches us some inspiring life lessons that maybe we have already heard but never thought much about, or perhaps we have just never considered before. Anne of Green Gables is full of insightful life lessons and I thought it would be nice to share some of them.

Life is much more enjoyable with a bit of imagination

Our creativity is our imagination. As we grow up, we tend to use our imagination less. We hide our inner child and try to focus on the ‘important’ things in life. But what’s the point in life if we can’t use our imagination? Life is short, so free your inner child and let your imagination run wild.

Making mistakes is important for personal growth

No one gets everything right. We make mistakes each and every day. That’s how we learn. Mistakes help us learn more about ourselves and grow as a person. We can learn what’s right and wrong by making mistakes. They even might lead to an unexpected positive outcome. Not all mistakes are bad.

If you’re going to apologise, do it thoroughly

Humans aren’t perfect. We have a habit of making mistakes and Anne teaches us that it’s okay to do some. What makes the most difference is how you react to your mistake. Do you deny everything? Or do you put aside your pride and make amends? Anne shows us that apologising and learning from your mistakes is exactly how we should handle these situations.

Girls can be just as Intelligent as boys

I realised that I’m not just learning this fact, but it’s always nice to see brainy girls in books. Anne is a perfect example of a girl who is smart and she inspires me to want to educate myself even more. Learning is fun and we should never stop learning.

Tell the people you love how you feel

Feelings often get left unsaid and they weigh us down. Why are we keeping them inside though? Let your feelings be free and be proud to tell people how you feel. Life is short so don’t keep your feelings bottled up inside.

Accept yourself the way you are

Early on in the series, Anne is very distressed by her appearance. She feels that she can never be completely happy as she has red hair and freckles. Yet I read the book while wishing I had red hair and freckles. I know that accepting yourself is no easy task, but it’s definitely worth working on. You are beautiful and you deserve to know that.

Have you read Anne of Green Gables before? Did you learn any important life lessons from Anne?

3 responses to “6 Things I’ve Learned From Reading Anne of Green Gables”

  1. theyorkshiredreamer Avatar

    I watched the Netflix series Anne, with an E and absolutely loved the series. I have never read the books, though, but it is definitely something I want to do.

    There were a lot of life lessons in the series, and I love that you have highlighted some of the important ones. I really like the lesson that life really is more enjoyable with a bit of imagination, and you can’t grow if you don’t make mistakes.

    The last one is an important lesson that I am still learning. Thank you for sharing these important lessons from Anne. 😊


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  3. Roze Avatar

    I absolutely LOVE Anne of Green Gables and I am lucky to live in the province where she is famous. I have been to the Green Gables house/museum and Avonlea Village, a replica village that is so much fun. I’ve read all the books and been to the stage play when I was a child. I also have red hair and freckles so I could always relate to Anne. I love that you were able to identify these lessons from Anne. Thanks for putting her in your spotlight.


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