In 2019, poet-artist Gommie created a project where he walked around the coast of England and Wales in 365 days with nothing but a tent, some basic supplies and some pens.

He wrote poems and sketched them in his Moleskine diary to share the stories and experiences based on conversations with locals.

Gommie did all this in the search for hope during increasingly hard times.

I was lucky enough to recieve an advance readers copy of this book.

I Am Ill With Hope is a beautiful book that’s full of poems, illustrations and art that really helps you feel connected to the people that Gommie meets along his travels. Each page feels like you get to really experience other people’s lives.

The illustrations are detailed and lovely. They are the kind that you want to frame and hang on your wall. Whenever I opened the book, I found myself staring at the pages as I wanted to be able to take in every little detail.

Each poem feels like you’re meeting a new person. You can feel the realism of each conversation that the poems are based on.

I am so honoured and happy that I was able to read this book and I want to say a huge thank you for the author and publisher.

I Am Ill With Hope releases 27th September and I hope you all grab yourself a copy.

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Does this seem like something you’d like to read? Will you be grabbing yourself a copy?


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