I want to start this post by saying that there really is no such thing as too much yarn. I might have boxes full of it to the point that I’m running out of storage space, but it still isn’t enough and no one can convince me otherwise.

But sometimes you’ve had yarn sitting around for months that you just want to use up. That’s where I can help.

I wanted to use up quite a lot of my yarn collection so I could buy new yarn. So, I sat down and made a list of everything I could do/make to quickly use up my yarn stash.

Since I’m feeling in a sharing mood, I decided to share that list with you all so you can bust your yarn stash too.

Double Strand

This is honestly such a game-changer. Not only is it perfect for using up plenty of yarn, but it looks super cute too. One of my new favourite ways to crochet is by using two different coloured yarns simultaneously. Projects work up faster and it adds a little bit of extra interest. I love adding a white yarn to any colour yarn. It makes even the simplest of projects look a little fancier.


Crochet blankets are a great and practical way to use up a lot of your yarn stash. There are so many fantastic blanket patterns out there that you’ll be sure to find one to suit your style. One of my favourite things about crochet blankets is that the pattern, colours and yarn materials are adaptable so you can use up whatever yarn you have in your collection.

Pom Poms

Making pom poms with my scrap yarn and yarn I want to use up is becoming one of my new favourite things. You can get some pretty cheap pom pom makers on Amazon and start making your own pom poms. They can be used as part of a craft project or you can just make them for decor.


If you have an abundance of cotton yarn, dishcloths are a simple thing to make that you can finish quickly. One of my favourite things about making dishcloths is that they are environmentally friendly and you can get some practical use from your crochet. Dishcloths can be made so many different ways and there really is no right or wrong way to make them. They are a great project for beginners too.

Teach a friend to crochet

If you have a lot of extra yarn, why not teach someone else to crochet? You get to use up more of your yarn stash and you also get to introduce your friend to a new hobby. Plus, if your friend really enjoys it then you can give each other project ideas and work on projects together in the future. It really is a win for both.

Donate unwanted yarn

Yep, that’s right. You can donate any yarn that you no longer want. You could take it to a local charity shop or give it to someone else who crochets. If you have yarn that you know you won’t use then there’s no point in having it sitting around and taking up room in your stash.


If you have leftover yarn that’s probably not enough for a new project but you don’t want to waste it, scrunchies could be a great option. There’s an abundance of scrunchie patterns online for you to follow. This way you get through your stash while also getting some adorable hair accessories.


You can use tassels as embellishments on other crochet projects or use them as a decoration by themselves. The colour options are endless and you can make them match your style with ease. They are also super quick to make.

Are you trying to use up some of your yarn stash? If you have any other ideas then comment below to add them to this list

2 responses to “Too much yarn? Let’s Bust That Yarn Stash”

  1. jaquintinwriter Avatar

    Thanks for sharing tips on how to use up yarn. I’d completely forgotten the double-stranded idea and color white goes with everything. Later today I shall access YouTube and choose a new pattern for a blanket/throw and place most of my remaining yard in a storage bin for donation. I think 3 projects at one time is ’bout enough for me.


  2. twistedgranny Avatar

    There’s no such thing as too much yarn!! lol


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