12 Things To Do While Watching TV (Instead Of Scrolling On Your Phone)

In a world with Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime and everything else, it’s easy to find yourself binge-watching another show. I remember when you’d only watch a handful of shows and you’d have to wait for them to come on tv at a certain time. Now it’s all available to us whenever we want it. Oh how quickly life changes.

These days, we have multiple shows we are in the middle of and a watchlist that is too long. But what if we want to watch tv but do something else at the same time?

Here are some things that you can do while watching tv.

Write a handwritten letter to a friend

Handwritten letters are a dying art that I refuse to let go. Receiving a handwritten letter in the post is one of the loveliest things in life. You could write about your day, your life, a memory, plans you want to make together, the tv show you’re watching and so much more. You might even want to go as far as to decorate the letter with doodles or stickers.

Clean Out Your Purse

I think we are all guilty of throwing things into our bags and forgetting about them for months. Well, there’s no better time to clean your bag than when you’re sitting in front of the tv. Even if you just grab all the rubbish and receipts out of there then it’s cleaner than it was.

Stretch or move your body

We all know how tempting it can be to get cosy on the sofa and binge-watch our favourite show again. But instead, try moving your body while watching. I’m not saying to pull out a yoga mat and get into tree pose (although if that’s your thing then go for it). Instead, stretch your muscles and move in a way that feels good to you.

Create a Vision Board

There are not really any rules when it comes to creating a vision board. Use one to focus on your dream job, dream house, dream life, or anything that you want. Not only do vision boards help you focus on yourself and your dreams, but it’s a fun craft project too.

Crochet, knit, draw, paint, etc

I feel like it might have just been easier to write ‘hobbies’ here but you get my point. Most people have at least one hobby that they can do passively. For me, it’s crochet. I often find myself with a crochet project in hand while I watch Netflix. You might not be into crochet but if you think about the hobbies that you do enjoy, you may find that they can do done while watching the tv too.

Do breathing exercises

In the same way that exercise improves our physical health, breathing exercises help to improve our lungs. They are also known to decrease stress, relieve pain, and improve posture. There are a whole bunch of breathing exercises out there and I’d encourage you to do some research on which would work best for you. They can be made as simple as you like. One of the simplest ways to focus on your breathing is to inhale slowly through your nose and then exhale through your mouth. It’s simple but effective.

Fold Laundry

Who else is super guilty of leaving their laundry in piles because they just don’t want to deal with it? If that’s you then consider using tv time as laundry folding time. It’s the perfect tv watching activity as you don’t even have to get off the sofa. Get comfy and slowly fold through all the clothes.

Write a to-do list and fill in your calendar

We could probably all think of at least 3 things we need to do if we think about it for a minute. Why are we relying on our memories for these tasks? Instead of thinking you’ll remember what you need to do (because let’s be honest, we never do), spend a bit of time creating a to-do list that you can add things to whenever you have a new task. You can also use this time to add any events and plans to your calendar.

Colour in an adult colouring book

Colouring definitely isn’t just for kids. It’s a great activity for reducing anxiety and stress. Plus, if you colour a page you like you could frame it and then you have free wall art. It’s a double win.

Meal Prep and Plan

Meal time is one of the worst parts of my day. I just find cooking so tedious and I hate it. One of the ways I combat this is by meal prep and planning. I try to write down my meal plan for the week and do any prep that I can in advance. This way, meal times aren’t so boring and I don’t dread having to go to the kitchen every day.

Complete a puzzle

Puzzles are so fun. Or maybe that’s just my inner granny coming through. There’s something satisfying about seeing a puzzle come together.

Check-in with a friend

I know I said that we wouldn’t be scrolling through our phones but I believe that this doesn’t count. This world is a challenging place these days and we could all do with a bit of extra kindness. It’s always nice to text a friend or relative to see how they are doing. Keeping in touch with loved ones is important and definitely considered time well spent.

Do you have to be doing something while you watch tv? If so, what do you often find yourself doing?

5 responses to “12 Things To Do While Watching TV (Instead Of Scrolling On Your Phone)”

  1. Bahanur Avatar

    I second writing a handwritten letter to a friend and doing breathing exercises. Both work well for me. I will also try the other methods to see if I can curb my phone behavior even more.


  2. Hilary Tan Avatar

    I used to write letters and miss it to be honest. I stopped because people didn’t reciprocate and I got bored. I still highly recommend handwritten letters! ♥️

    It’s funny because yesterday I was working on a puzzle. I had high hopes for it, only to discover a damaged puzzle piece. I tried fixing it which only made it worse, ended up rage quitting on my puzzle, and threw it away. It was such a shame. Puzzles can be enjoyable for those who are patient – in the future I will buy a higher quality puzzle with 500 pieces instead of 1000 pieces. Hoping to frame a puzzle on my wall one day for art decor. It was a shame that this puzzle didn’t work out because I really liked the design.


  3. Carrie Avatar

    I love this. I love the IDEA of being productive while watching TV. I used to quilt or crochet. Now I mostly fall asleep. A friend and I would watch a show simultaneously (The Bachelor) and text each other the exercises they had to do during the commercial. It was always fun, and I was sore the next day!


  4. Dana Vitolo Avatar
    Dana Vitolo

    I love this list of 12 things to do while watching TV. My favorite is Mandala coloring with colored pencils.


  5. Emma James Avatar

    This is a really useful blog post so thanks for writing it! Going to do some of these. I always like to iron while watching tv as it makes the chore slightly less boring.


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