I want to start this post by saying there’s nothing wrong with buying things. If you want something and you feel it will improve your life, then go and buy it.

However, these days, we seem to have forgotten that the thing we want might be easier and cheaper to obtain by borrowing.

There are so many reasons to borrow something rather than buy it these days and I thought it would be nice to talk about a few of those reasons.

Borrowing builds community

Imagine if you’re doing a DIY job and realise that you need a specific tool. Instead of rushing to the shops or loading up Amazon, you could go and ask a neighbour if they have one you could borrow. This way, you can use the tool for free and you also get to speak to your neighbours more. Now imagine that everyone did this. We would be friends with everyone in the entire neighbourhood before long.

Borrowing helps us save money

I wonder how much money we waste on buying things to use once and then forget about. If we only considered borrowing these items from neighbours, friends or family instead, we could save a lot of money.

Borrowing is environmentally friendly

Each time you borrow instead of buying, you avoid ultimately adding something to landfill. Everything you do buy will eventually break or become useless which means we will need to replace it or throw it away. Once again, this is another thing that gets added to landfill. If we think about borrowing before we buy, we will contribute less to landfill and help the Earth.

Borrowing teaches you it’s okay to ask for help

Asking for help can be difficult. No one wants to admit to needing assistance. Yet we are stronger together. If we simply learn that it’s okay to ask for help then we can build each other up and all thrive.

Borrowing has so many perks that it’s definitely worth thinking about.

Have you borrowed something instead of buying it before? Is borrowing something you’ll start doing?

5 responses to “Borrow It Before You Buy It”

  1. lovelyandgrateful Avatar

    I’ve been making an effort to borrow more books from the library this year. My hubby has started renting tools for DIY projects instead of buying things he might only need for a specific job. Definitely think borrowing/renting is better for the environment and saves us a bit of money too.


  2. erin💙 Avatar

    i strongly agree!!


  3. katejones73 Avatar

    I’m always so surprised by how many people buy books rather than going to their local library! I always check there first. I know books can be relatively cheap now online, but supporting a local library is good for the environment, the community and your own finance : )


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