Does decluttering make you feel guilty? If it does, then you’re definitely not alone.

We live in a world where society values stuff and tells us that more is better. We feel pressured to buy all the latest trends and invest in all the life-changing products. We are taught to belive that the more we buy, that happier we will be. But that’s not true at all.

The reality of it is that having too much stuff can feel chaotic and overwhelming. It can lead us to feel anxious and lonely too.

So if society wants us to keep buying things and we are feeling guilty about the idea of decluttering, then how are we supposed to get out of this clutter cycle?

That’s where I can help.

You home is meant to be comfortable and welcoming. If your stuff doesn’t make you feel positive then we need to fight that guilt and get rid.

So, here are some tips for combating decluttering guilt.

Find your “why”

What are you hoping to achieve from decluttering? Why is decluttering so important to you? Everyone will have a different reason that is personal to them. Knowing why you want to declutter and focusing on that reason can help us to stay focused. By having a “why”, we are able to work towards our goal with less guilt and more purpose.

Start with the basics

I’ve said it in many posts before and I’ll say it again. Decluttering can be hard work. Whether you’re new to your decluttering journey or you’ve been doing it for years, decluttering is still a challenge. By taking it back to the basics, we are simplifying the act of decluttering and it seems less daunting. Start by grabbing a box and filling it with things you already know that you want to get rid of. We all have things we don’t like in our homes so this part of the task is easy. Once you’ve filled your box, you’ll be able to see how much you’ve achieved and it might motivate you to keep going.

Think about the people you could help

One of the reasons we feel guilt when decluttering is it feels like we are being wasteful. A great trick to combat this is by focusing on the new lives that your stuff could have. I’ll give you an example from my own life. I recently listed a bunch of clothes on Freecycle. I needed to get rid of them but I didn’t want to waste them. A lovely lady messaged me to say that she needed to get some new clothes for her daughter and would love my unwanted clothing. I gave her the clothes and now I feel good knowing that her daughter has new clothes to wear and I have more space in my home. By donating or giving away our stuff, we make someone else’s life a bit better.

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Practice gratitude

By appreciating the things we already have, we change our mindsets to start thinking about what we already have rather than the things we want to buy. Decluttering your home is great but if you don’t change your mindset then the clutter will creep back in and you’ll be back at stage one.

Do you struggle with decluttering guilt? How do you combat it?

2 responses to “How To Declutter Without Feeling Guilty”

  1. Sara Flower Kjeldsen Avatar

    I love this! You make great points. I love having more of a clutter-free space.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Liz Avatar

    There has been a few things that were sentimental that I struggled to get rid of, but did get rid of. But mostly I don’t have a problem.
    I done a lot of my decluttering some years ago, so now, if there is anything I want to get rid of, its only small items, which mostly is dvd’s, when I don’t want to watch them again. I give mine to charity, so it’s nice knowing it’s benefiting someone else.


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